Zack Snyder reveals his dark version of Teen Titans GO! In a new clip


Another resurgence of fans demanding to restore the SnyderVerse has returned thanks to Teen Titans GO! clip featuring Zack Snyder.

Teen Titans GO! got another cameo that had many DC fans flocking to social media. Justice League director Zack Snyder made an appearance and was given a very warm welcome, as it prompted many fans to call for the return of the “Snyderverse”.

Teen Titans GO! is a comedy cartoon series based on the titular team that portrays them in a much lighter way than many are used to. The show often satirizes all characters, teams, and even past DC projects such as movies or other shows.


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A clip from the show that appeared on Twitter and circulated the internet featured the Teen Titans taking on Darkseid while being illustrated in a radically more serious art style inspired by Snyder’s DC world. This change of pace was very different from the big-headed cartoon mini sprites that are present in the ongoing parody show. A Twitter user pointed out that Robin’s costume was almost identical to the outfit Snyder designed for his cinematic script for DC.

The other characters looked a lot like their cartoonish counterparts from the original Teen Titans cartoon aired on Cartoon Network. Seeing this has been a breath of fresh air, as many fans have grown up with the much grittier show and are still accepting the lighthearted tone of the Teen Titans GO! Not only did this show bring back memories, but it also brought back the army of DC fans who are rightly calling for the return of the “Snyderverse.”

Snyder had plenty of big plans for DC that didn’t come to fruition, and since then many fans have been calling on the director to get the justice he deserves by seeing his vision come to life. After the Snyder Cut Justice Leaguemany fans have begun to have more empathy for the director, and hardly a month goes by without Snyder’s movies trending on Twitter, with many calling on DC to bring the director back.

Many were in love with the casting choices, the art style, the different interpretations of superheroes, bringing Cyborg to the forefront as the main character, bringing in an older Batman, and even having a cohesive universe across the board. Now that DC is going through its own version of a revitalization, many think it would be a lot easier if they just brought Snyder back to do the heavy lifting. Only time will tell what happens.

The Teen Titans Go! aired on Cartoon Network.

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