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Mr. Robert’s Hexi Corridor book cover and Mr. Robert’s Madagascar book cover are presented with the finalist award

Two Books in Mr. Robert’s Wilderness Habitat Discovery Journal Series Receive NIEA Finalist Award

REDMOND, WASHINGTON, USA, June 10, 2022 / — Author-illustrator Robert Bullock announces that two of his books, Mr. Robert’s Hexi Corridor and Mr. Robert’s Madagascar, were recently awarded the runner-up award at the 16th Annual Independent National Excellence® Awards (NIEA). Mr. Robert’s Hexi Corridor was a finalist in the Book Interior Design: Non-Fiction category while Mr. Robert’s Madagascar was a finalist in the Nature book category.

A leader and veteran of publishing awards competitions, the NIEA champions self-publishers and independent presses that produce the highest quality books on a range of metrics. NIEA President Doug Fogelson noted in his press release, “Now in our 16th year, The National Indie Excellence® Awards (NIEA) has evaluated thousands of books in a wide range of diverse genres produced by self-published authors and independent publishers. From this position, we see that our current selection of NIEA award winners represents the best and brightest talent to be found in contemporary independent publishing and self-published authors today.” He further stated “Winners and runners-up are determined based on written content coupled with excellent presentation of every facet of the final published product, cover to cover.”

In Mr. Robert’s Hexi Corridor, young readers follow Zhang Qian’s exciting journey through the Hexi Corridor region, which was the precursor event to the development of China’s ancient Silk Road. His captivating experiences in the 2nd century BCE are set in the seemingly lifeless environment of the Eastern Desert Steppe region and the Gobi Desert; but the reality is that a large and diverse amount of animal and plant life survives in this ecosystem.

In Another Time and Another Place, M. Robert’s Madagascar tells the story of Diogo Dias, a Portuguese explorer and captain of one of Vasco da Gama’s Second Armada ships. The book begins when Dias’ ship is hijacked and separated from the fleet. It is uncertain whether the remaining crew will last as they have been decimated by storm and disease. However, the call “Earth, ho!” August 10, 1500, breaks the silence of the early morning and gives them hope. Through Dias’ purported ship’s log, readers go on an adventure with the sailors as they begin to explore the island and encounter the incredible plants and animals of the Southeast Beach and the Sea. lush, perilous lowland rainforest habitat nearby.

Both books are part of Mr. Robert’s Wilderness Habitat Discovery Journal series that introduces wildlife habitats around the world to elementary and middle school readers with the help of a historical figure. Each journal describes a unique wildlife habitat by blending history, physical and natural science, and reading comprehension into one informative story. To promote reading comprehension, ClueQ asks questions to encourage young readers to spot the answer in a nearby passage. The final pages of the books contain ClueQ clues and answers, vocabulary, and historical content. (Even moms and dads will learn new things by reading with their young children!). See for the complete series.

About Mr. Robert’s Madagascar:
“Wonderfully illustrated and highly informative, this natural history guide to Madagascar is sure to delight and please. I immediately fell in love with this book. I don’t think there is a single page that is not beautifully illustrated, with typography also playing a part in that.” —Nisha Ward @Reedsy Discovery—5 stars

“Children will have their interest piqued…has mystery and adventure. Based on real historical events, Robert Bullock has created a memorable work in Mr. Robert’s Madagascar.” —Phillip Van Heusen, reader favorite—5 stars

DETAILS: Mr. Robert’s Hexi Corridor: A Tale of a Silk Road Encounter (ISBN: 9781034849001) and Mr. Robert’s Madagascar: A Tale of a Lost World (ISBN: 9798210076717) • 48-page paperback, over 5,000 words • Nature/Children — Ages 9+ • Author Website: • Publisher: Blurb Books • Contact: Robert Bullock • Email: [email protected]

AUTHOR BIO: Robert Bullock was nicknamed Mr. Robert by his ESL students and staff at Liaocheng University, Liaocheng, China. Previously, Bullock designed educational exhibits at the American Museum of Natural History in New York, the Peabody Museum of Natural History at Yale, and the Pennsylvania State Museum, all of which house renowned habitat dioramas, the inspiration from the Wilderness Habitat Discovery Journal series. Currently, he continues to write and illustrate the series and seeks to develop other educational projects aimed at young people.

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