You can play classic ‘squid game’ games in Ottawa at tonight’s Korean Culture Festival


If you watched the Netflix hit squid game (if not, where have you been?) and want to play the childhood games featured throughout the series, now is your chance.

You can head to Lansdowne Park in Ottawa this afternoon, June 1, and take part in the Heart of Korea Cultural Festival: Jeollabuk-Do. Cultural booths and classic games open at 4 p.m. where you can make dalgona, the simple-shaped Korean candy, and more.

Playing the Korean tuho game on Culture Day in Ottawa. Courtesy of Korean Cultural Center Canada

Not only can you race to see who can cut their dalgona honeycomb candy first, but you can also try your hand at playing ddakji, the game with bean bags played on the subway platform in the Netflix show.

You can also try tuho, which involves throwing sticks into a pot, or jegichagi, which is a bit like kickball but the jegi (ball replacement) is made with paper and a coin. You can also play games called minhwa, gongginori and ddakjichigi.

Once you’ve taken part in traditional playground games, you can feast on street food like tteokbokki, shop at a flea market, and learn about the culture from an exhibition. Several performances will begin at 6 p.m., such as a hanbok fashion show, a demonstration by a master calligrapher, as well as a pansori chant.

You can also learn how to do calligraphy yourself with brush and ink, try on traditional hanbok outfits, and indulge in Korean-style corn dogs. There are several ways to immerse yourself in Korean heritage, at different craft stalls and activities.

The Wednesday, June 1 event is free for everyone. There is a second day of events on Thursday, June 2, but it is only open to those who have already registered, with ties to Korea, such as adoptees, to experience Korean culture.

Jeollabuk-do: Culture Day at Lansdowne Park

Race to cut the Korean honeycomb candy dalgona.

Race to cut the Korean honeycomb candy dalgona.

Courtesy of Korean Cultural Center Canada

Price: Free

When: Wednesday, June 1, 2022, at 4 p.m.

Address: 1525 Princess Patricia Road, Ottawa, Ontario

Why you should go: You can pretend to participate in squid gamewithout threatening your life, and immerse yourself in Korean culture at this Ottawa festival.



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