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KOCHI: From a distance, Ajmal Salman’s art from Malappuram looks like intricate artistic curls and whorls. If you take a closer look, you will begin to see that these are letters that come together in rare balance to create a work of art. Every word and cursive has a certain symmetry. Growing up, Ajmal always made sure that all of his letters were carefully written and arranged. Even when he wasn’t performing well on a test, his teachers still applauded his writing. And at 25, Ajmal took his love of words and letters to another level, creating typographic portraits. Although he is now based in Dubai, his roots are very Malayalam, including the characters in his portraits.

While a BTech computer science student, Ajmal scribbled portraits and caricatures on his desk. Her friends quickly started asking her to draw for them. Self-taught artist, Ajmal got into typography to try and create something unique. The first typographic portrait he created was of actor Mohanlal, using all the names of the films he starred in.

The work has been recognized as the “greatest typographical portrait of Indian actor Mohanlal” and earned Ajmal a place in the International Book of Records, the American Book of Records, the Asian Book of Records and the Indian Book of Records. records. Actor Mohanlal himself called the artist when he saw the portrait.

“It was a poignant moment for me. This call is one of the most memorable moments of my life, ”says Ajmal. The main challenge, he says, is maintaining consistency – writing each letter without a single change in size or shape. Fortunately, Ajmal is in love with letters. Each job takes him about an hour to complete. Ajmal also made portraits of Shah Rukh Khan using only the word “SRK”.

Ajmal thinks that you can’t put a price on art. “I have never created a work of art for money. When people ask if they could paint a portrait, they are doing it because they want to see themselves in that frame. I do it to make them smile. That’s all the reward I want, ”says Ajmal who wants to deepen the art of typography and explore its possibilities. “The typographic portrait is my signature. I want to do more art in this genre, ”he says.


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