Which watch emoticons are the best?


Cutter: It looks like something I would buy. It’s incredible. Looks like it has a black PVD case, although it is shiny so maybe it has been polished. There are four screws in the bezel which is crazy. It also has a weirdly hidden seconds hand that starts and then goes. The best part is that they actually have chronograph pushers, but there is no chronograph, which means this is either bonkers level stuff or a deep and deep reference to old doctor’s watches, which had one-minute chronographs. The watch is inconsistent, but I love it. It’s a total blunder, an outsider’s watch.

Kuang: What is this horrible watch? With that ugly orange and blue face and his illegible hands? It has all the details of a watch; they even put a screw-down bezel on it. And then they have kind of a stopwatch button on the left. There are several interfaces to this subject, assuming it has all of those functions that you would find in a very complicated analog watch. But I do not know. I find that completely absurd. If you are going to build a sports watch, why would you want to make hands so small and delicate like a dress watch?

Walters: I guess this was inspired by a Linde Werdelin Chronograph? It is surprisingly terrible. It kind of feels flat and three-dimensional at the same time. It’s not just a little too much, it’s way too much. Also, what is Emojidex, and why would they choose such a complicated watch emoji?

Model: 10 | Utility: 10 | Accuracy: 5

Model: 1 | Utility: 1 | Accuracy: 1

Model: 3 | Utility: 6 | Accuracy: 4

Total: 41


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