Vick Becker named Pierre Fine Arts performer of the week


Congratulations to Vick Becker Sr. on being named (April 14, 2022) Pierre TF Riggs High School National Bank’s Top Performer of the Fine Arts Week!

Here is his nomination by art teacher, Jill Kokesh:

TF Riggs Senior, Vick Becker, received first place for his self-portrait photography what the light sees and second place for his sculpture The little winged giant (Class AA) March 18th in the SDHSAA State Art Contest in Rapid City. Both pieces illustrate his dedication to his vision as a visual artist. In his award-winning self-portrait, what the light sees, Vick explores the concept of light and its importance in photography; “Without light, there would be no visual art. Without light, there would be no definition of beauty or objects. What makes a photograph is light, and without it there would be no training in photography or other visual art mediums. This photograph is by far my favorite piece of art that I have done because it has been a motivator as an artist to never stop being curious. Knowing Vick personally and seeing previous self-portraits of him, what the light sees depicts his growth as a young artist. He’s very talented in many artistic mediums, but I think he’s taken his photography to the next level. As a photography teacher, I strive to teach students composition and train them to see things differently. Vick has the ability to see things in her unique way and that’s golden as a visual artist! Vick has also shown growth through her writing and communicating a unique narrative about her work. It’s a big piece and not every artist accomplishes it, but when Vick graduates from high school and starts submitting works to competitions and applying for artist grants, her chances of being the l ‘one of the best candidates will be larger. Through Vick’s dedication as a visual artist, he has set a high standard for other TF Riggs students to follow. We are all very proud of Vick’s scholarship, character and service to TF Riggs High School.

Photo credit Pierre school district.


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