University of Kashmir holds calligraphy competition


Srinagar (Jammu and Kashmir) [India], Aug. 28 (ANI): The cultural wing of the University of Kashmir held a calligraphy competition on Saturday as the University reopens with Covid-19 guidelines after two years since its closure due to the lockdown.

“In Kashmir, calligraphy has a thousand years of rich history and in the past, calligraphy was so popular among the people. But due to modernization, this art is dying and losing its glory, which the current generation does not have a good knowledge of calligraphy, ”said Aleeza, a participant.

“This is why the cultural wing of the University of Kashmir organized a wonderful calligraphy competition with guidelines that attract the participants, especially the girls who enjoyed the competition,” Aleeza added.

“Just like contemporary art, we try to do contemporary calligraphy. Anyone with a hand can do calligraphy. Calligraphy related paintings are easily sold abroad and in Kashmir because they are linked to our roots. come from Mughal and Persian culture, ”said Iram Malik, another participant.

The calligraphy is very old and the participation of the girls is more important because their hands are soft. Girls who live in Kashmir are trying to revive it by organizing such competitions. I think girls like to do such activities. There is a lot of artistic culture nowadays and as Muslims calligraphy is used in Arabic, Quranic verses and Persian. So to bring it back to life, we use contemporary art in it, ”said Mehak Mubeen, a participant.

I find peace and relaxation through calligraphy. I am grateful to the University of Kashmir because my heart soothes. we show our art and our talent, I have peace of mind because I know that I have done something, said Yasmeen, a participant.

“Our culture has Persian, Urdu and Sanskrit. We are trying to bring this art especially among young people so that the art continues. People can make a profession of it. Lots of students from many colleges. Students came from each and every district of Kashmir Government college students from Kupwara, Budgam, Sopore, Baramulla etc., responsible for culture, University of Kashmir.

Calligraphy has been organized to refresh the minds of students and revive development activities, the university organizes various programs including painting competitions, debates, seminars, calligraphy competitions and workshops.

For the past two weeks, students, especially girls, have participated in various contests including calligraphy. (ANI)

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