Uganda: MPs to vote for president – “Museveni now wants a polling station where all voters are monitored”, Mao


MPs will vote for the president: “Museveni now wants a polling station where all voters are monitored”, Mao

The leader of the opposition Democratic Party said the rumor that members of parliament vote for the president instead of the entire Ugandan adult population was seen by some as a way to reduce polling stations in the country for the benefit of the president. Museveni.

Mao made the statement when he appeared on NBS TV’s frontline show citing other people.


“Some people say that since the president is old he wants a polling station where all voters can be observed,” he said.

Mao insisted, however, that the focus should be on the substance of the debate on the president’s vote through parliament and local councils.

“I believe there is calligraphy behind it; we should look at the substance of the debate. I call it a drama, but behind the drama there is a substance that we cannot ignore,” Mao said. .


Already some NRM deputies have called for a sensible debate on the subject.

Agriculture Minister Frank Tumwebaze said there must be a sober debate on the merits and drawbacks of the parliamentary system namely the presidential system without prejudice.

Linos Ngompek, MP for Kibanda County, said the new system, if adopted, would be cheaper and that “political parties will have the opportunity to go to the grassroots to seek votes for their members. Presidential campaigns are always violent, but not MP campaigns. ,” he said.

Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) spokesman Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda said the proposal was being pushed to Museveni by fortune hunters, but that he would not be shocked if the former turned it down.

“Knowing Museveni, this is not a proposition that he will buy because he will want to submit to an election and rig it,” he said.

“NRM politicians are fortune hunters who spend time guessing what Mr. Museveni wants and what will benefit him,” he added.

Government spokesman Ofwono Opondo said President Museveni is a party worker and has no choice once party members make their choice.

“Museveni is a party worker; it’s the party telling him he’s not going anywhere. He won’t have a choice if the party members say we want you, ”he said.

“If this business comes to the leaders of the NRM and they buy it, it means ordinary people have a voice,” he added.

A new plan is being proposed by the government of the day to amend the constitution and ensure that the political party with the largest number of deputies (deputies) decides who will be the president.

According to sources, this plan could even take off with the next elections in 2026.


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