Uber Eats campaign encourages downtime with ‘less is more’ Maxim


The delivery brand encourages food delivery audiences to slow down.

Uber Eats wants its customers to take it easy with a “less is more” attitude.

“Embrace the Art of Doing Less” picks up on the flattening phenomenon in China, where weary millennials are increasingly saying no to overwork. The nonchalant promo urges people to do less to spend more time living life to the fullest.

Maya Gallego-Spiers, Head of Marketing at Uber Eats UK&I, said: “We’ve been conditioned to stay busy, keep rushing and use every minute of every day to be productive. In a world where the pressure is on to do more, we hope to take some of the pressure off you and give you some time back so you can embrace the art of doing less.

With national appearances on TV, BVOD, film, social, digital, print and out-of-home (OOH), the eight-week promotion communicates that you don’t have to do everything to live well.

Three flagship announcements illustrate this approach. ‘Dance’ illustrates how, instead of hunkering down on a hot stove, you can take a little extra downtime to break up a groove.

Less conventionally, another customer struts towards his parrot in the privacy of his own home while waiting for an order, proving that you don’t have to imitate others to have a good time.

The final vignette shows an innovative nail massage as a couple bond over music and ambient light while waiting for their dinner.

Hannah Tarpey of Mother London added: “Focusing on the wonderful weirdness that has time to blossom when we order a delivery and take an evening to be ourselves, we wanted all the work to feel effortless and have room to breathe – films without unnecessary cuts, posters without too much fuss – creating refreshing breaks in a climate of noise.

The OOH aspect of the campaign adopts a similar character, with bold typography displaying provocative slogans such as “Downtime is served”, “Dishes that take one thing off your plate” and “Sweet f*** everything has never been so sweet”.

Uber Eats has adopted a carefree tone in its communication through stunts such as adult bibs to win over new audiences.


Customer: Uber Eats UK and Ireland

Campaign: Embrace the Art of Doing Less

Customer Manager: Maya Gallego-Spiers, Head of Marketing, Uber Eats UK&I

Creative: Mother

Strategy: Mother

Production Company (TV): Biscuit Filmworks

Director: Andreas Nilsson

Production company (social): Biscuit Filmworks

Director: Bine Bach

Post-production: Selected works

Rank: Hannibal to Bacon via Selected Works

Publisher: La Carrière

Editor: Jonnie Scarlett

Audio: Sam Robson at No8

Music permission: Leland Music


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