Type Directors Club Announces Changes for TDC69 Competition

Previously split into two competitions – one for communications design and one for character design – the program is now a single competition under the 2022 umbrella of TDC69.

The TDC69 also announced the addition of a third discipline to the competition.

The TDC69 competition consists of three disciplines:

  1. Character design
  2. Typography, and
  3. for the first time — Lettering.

The new discipline dedicated to lettering concerns work where letters have been created or modified. This includes:

  • contemporary lettering
  • traditional calligraphy
  • sign painting
  • custom wordmarks and logos
  • digital or analog distortions, and
  • quirky display fonts.

This new discipline has its own dedicated jury, made up of some of the world’s foremost lettering practitioners and experts.

The Type Design discipline is for applications emphasizing typeface design. New in 2022, it is intended to allow entry of any thematically applicable code or software, such as type creation or generation software.

The third discipline, typography, is the broadest. It encompasses any design or creation that uses type, lettering or written language as a meaningful element, and is an extension of what was previously the TDC Communications Design discipline.

Typography includes:

  • graphic design
  • UI/UX
  • environmental design or architecture with typographic elements
  • cinema, animation and motion design
  • social media campaigns
  • new media and
  • anything else where typography is used.

To be eligible, work must have been produced or published during the 2022 calendar year.

Delivery times are as follows:

  • early bird registration deadline — Tuesday, November 22
  • usual deadline — Tuesday, January 17, 2023, and
  • the last deadline — Friday, March 3, 2023.

More details here.

According to The One Club, the 2022 awards competitions continue TDC’s commitment to expanding the level of diversity and representation in its judging panels. The 2022 juries by discipline are as follows:


  • Hussein Alazaat, director of ALAZAAT design studio, Amman
  • Lauren Hom, letterer and illustrator at Hom Sweet Hom, Detroit
  • Ximena Jiménez, lettering and street artist, Bogotá
  • Milo Kossowski, creative lead at Mother, New York
  • Seb Lester, artist and designer, Lewes (UK)
  • Giorgia Lupi, Partner at Pentagram, New York
  • Nick Misani, designer and letterer, Oxford (UK), and
  • Huston Wilson, director at Hust Wilson Ltd., Johannesburg.


  • Chon Hin Au, Founder and Creative Director of Untitled Macao, Macao
  • Simon Charwey, Founder of African Design Matters at Charwey Studios, Accra (Ghana) / New Haven (United States of America)
  • Angira Chokshi, Associate Experience Designer, EMEA, BORN Group, London
  • Diana Haj-Ahmad, Senior Design Manager at IDEO, San Francisco
  • David Jalbert-Gagnier, Creative Director, Head of NY Experience Design, Frog, New York / Paris
  • Halle Kho, VP of Design at SAP, New York
  • Lynda Lucas, Head of Design at Cash App Labs, New York, and
  • Erika Reyes Angel, Senior Creative and Artistic Director at AKQA, Los Angeles.

Character design

  • Naïma Ben Ayed, typographer and graphic designer at Naïma Ben Ayed Bureau, London
  • Linda Hintz, typographer, Copenhagen
  • Kateryna Korolevtsev, brand designer, art director and typographer, Kyiv
  • Vinod Nair, designer, educator and designer, Kuala Lumpur
  • Parimal Parmar, Freelance Type Designer, New Delhi
  • Yanghee Ryu, typographer in Cambridge (United Kingdom)
  • Anuthin Wongsunkakon, Partner at Cadson Demak, Bangkok, and
  • Cheng Xunchang, typographer in Reading (United Kingdom).

Through the three juries, TDC69 has native experts for writing systems covering:

  • Arab
  • Cyrillic
  • Indian
  • CJC
  • thai, and
  • select African scripts.

While the competition has always accepted international and multilingual entries, the addition of more judges in 2022 reflected TDC’s commitment to having more of the most appropriate experts judging designs for which they have in-depth knowledge. .

According to the TDC, its competition regularly receives entries from more than 60 countries. To make TDC69 as globally accessible as possible, the organization has offered significant regional discounts on entry fees.

About half of the countries in the world have a 60% discount and another quarter of them have a 20% discount, with only the most economically prosperous countries and regions paying the full entrance fee.

Additional discounts are also available for TDC members and students.

Completion indicates that TDC69 winners will receive a Certificate of Typographic Excellence and the digital seal certifying that their work is among the best in the world of the year.

The winning work will also be:

  • featured in the Annual CDT
  • presented in the best typography in the world®and
  • featured in eight exhibitions that travel to museums, schools and design organizations around the world.

TDC69 winners will also now be part of One Club’s global creative rankings, earning points alongside winners in The only show and CDA Annual Awards to map the world’s leading independent:

  • creations
  • advertising agencies
  • production companies and
  • brands.

Led by Ksenya Samarskaya, Managing Director of TDC, the 2022 Competition Committee included TDC Advisory Board members Trisha Tan in New York and Kimya Gandhi in Berlin. The trio oversaw the TDC69 brand, which stems from organic form and movement, and exemplifies how type can embody concepts big and small, including our connection to natural systems.

The lettering for the TDC69 brand campaign, with elements in English and Japanese, was created by Kyoto-based designer Ryu Mieno and brought to life with animations by Madrid-based Federica Caso.

The website was developed by Brooklyn-based Eric Jacobsen and associated with The One Club’s registration system.

“Our goal is to make the TDC contest as relevant as possible to the larger typographic culture,” says Samarskaya. “We are thrilled to accept and celebrate entries in more disciplines and styles than ever before, in keeping with the fact that typography is truly everywhere.”

Samarskaya concludes: “Our incredible global jury brings cultural nuances and a wide range of opinions and expertise to the competition, and will offer insights into more writing systems and regional semiotics than at any time in the 76 years. of TDC history.”

For more information, visit www.oneclub.org. You can also follow One Club for Creativity on Facebook, Twitter or on Instagram.

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