Trick-shot artist pays homage to classic Fred Astaire golf music video | This is the loop


So I hate to take credit for a piece of art, but that’s exactly what I’m going to do. Earlier this week I saw someone tweeting this classic clip from Fred Astaire hitting golf balls while dancing, I ripped it up for my own tweet, and it went viral. Well, for the little old me. Obviously, I don’t take credit for this piece of art, but rather what came of it.

Over 1,000 RTs later and approaching one million views, this black and white gold coin has made its way to people who have never seen it before. (You’re welcome.) And what fun it is. Whether you know it or not, find out:

Seriously, what a freaking golf swing from Fred! The guy absolutely rinses them off!

Anyway, among the very many mentions (yes, I pass them all because I’m a nice guy/loser), someone tagged “Holein1trickshots”, AKA Joshua Kelley, for my money, the best special effects artist of our time. Lo and behold, Josh has created a new video paying tribute to the Hollywood legend:

Well done, Josh. But, yes, when it comes to incorporating dance moves, Fred is still the GOAT.

In fact, our David Owen wrote about Fred’s famous golf video few years ago. Turns out he was an avid golfer, playing at the Bel-Air Country Club and with a handicap of 10.

“I’ll have fun in Bel-Air one day,” Astaire recalled of the footage that was incorporated into the 1938 film Carefree with Ginger Rogers. “I did a few impromptu rhythm steps right before hitting one off the tee, and I was surprised that I could really connect that way.”

You certainly could, Fred. We call BS on this handicap of 10.


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