Transform magazine: Transform Awards ANZ 2022 open for applications – 2022


The ANZ Transform Awards officially opened for nominations in 2022, celebrating their third anniversary. The awards program celebrates and recognizes the transformative power of branding, creativity and design in Australia and New Zealand.

The ANZ Transform Awards recognize best practice in business, product and global brand development, with categories focusing on strategy, execution, content and evaluation.

Judges, trained by a panel of experts in the field of branding, marketing and corporate communications, will create a shortlist recognizing agencies and companies that excel in their creative or strategic approach to their work of brand image.

Previous winners include Derwent Valley Council and For The People, which took home the Grand Prize, and Story Espresso and For The People, which won Best Overall Visual Identity.

The application deadline for this year’s awards is August 12, 2022. However, companies who submit three applications by March 26, 2022 will receive a thought leadership article to be distributed online on Transform magazine. Businesses that register before June 24, 2022 will receive AUD $150 off the total cost of registration and their fifth entry free.

2022 sees the addition of different sub-categories within “Best Brand Evolution”, including business, consumer and enterprise.

To help you write your winning submissions, download the entry and information guide or contact Janiel Cunanan for advice.

The complete list of categories is as follows, and their definitions can be found on the dedicated categories page:


Better use of the visual property
This award recognizes the best use of imagery: graphic, fixed, video or digital, during a rebranding or brand development project.

Best Brand Architecture Solution
This category rewards the most effective business organization strategies developed for a brand.

Better use of copy style or tone of voice
This prize is awarded to the brand that best uses a verbal style to reflect its overall identity and differentiate itself from its competitors.

Better brand experience
This award recognizes excellence in the experiential aspects of a brand or rebranding. Developments of a physical space, online portal or other location that enhances the user experience of a brand will be accepted.

Optimal use of packaging
This award recognizes the company that best communicates the positioning, values ​​and visual identity of a brand through the packaging of its products.

Better wayfinding or signage
This award recognizes brand signage and wayfinding systems that have been strategically developed to be effective and reflect the brand’s values ​​and overall visual identity.

Better use of the audio brand
This award recognizes companies that have used innovative use of sound in the development of their brand.

Best use of typography
This award reflects the role typography has played in a brand’s journey. This can be when typography is an actual component of a wordmark or when typography is used in visual identity. Alternatively, this award could be given when visual identity and typography have been strategically aligned with an organization’s brand guidelines.

Best Venue or National Brand
This award recognizes the brand journey made by a nation or place. Nominations can come from the national, regional, city or district level.


Better relations with external stakeholders during a brand development project
This award recognizes the best communication with external stakeholders throughout the rebranding process or during a brand development project. Companies must recognize that progress requires measured communication with all external stakeholders.

Better internal communication during a brand development project
This award recognizes the importance of effective communication with internal audiences during a brand transformation. Employees need to be involved and informed of changes in a company’s positioning or brand strategy, ensuring that changes occur consistently across the organization.

Better implementation of a brand development project
This award recognizes the best execution of an organization’s developments or rebranding. The coordinated deployment of a change helps ensure that a new identity has the maximum impact on the public.

Better localization of an international brand
This award recognizes an organization’s efforts to bring a global brand to the ANZ region, making it relevant to local markets.


Best Creative Strategy
This award recognizes the best creative, thoughtful and aligned strategy behind the repositioning of a brand.

Best brand evolution
This prize recognizes the brand that best propels its identity into the future while maintaining links with the past and evolving in a clear and creative way. The best brand evolution categories are:

  • Best Brand Evolution (Company)
  • Best brand evolution (consumer)
  • Best Brand Evolution (Company)

Best Strategic or Creative Development of a New Brand
This award is given to the company that has taken a strategic or creative approach when developing its new brand in order to differentiate itself, reposition the company or otherwise change the perception of the brand.

Better development of a new brand within an existing brand portfolio
This category rewards companies that develop a new brand within their brand portfolio. In addition to recognizing the strategy and development of the new brand, judges will also be looking to see what the development adds to the existing corporate or primary brand.

Better naming strategy
This award recognizes innovation in naming. This is the most appropriate new name for a new brand, rebrand or brand extension or when an organization can demonstrate a clear and well thought out naming strategy.


Improved brand image following a merger or acquisition
This award recognizes the best rebranding of an organization following a merger with another company or the incorporation of another company into the original brand.

Best brand development project to reflect a change in mission, values ​​or positioning
This award recognizes the best repositioning of an organization to reflect a new approach to its business.

Better brand consolidation
This award recognizes the most effective alignment of an organization’s individual brand elements and sub-brands.

Best Rebranding of a Digital Property
This award recognizes the best branding of an organization’s digital and online assets, including its websites and apps.


Best visual identity by sector

This award recognizes the best identity developed and used by a brand, including all visual aspects of a rebranding from logo to typeface in the branding industry.

  • A charity, NGO or NPO
    • Education
    • Energy and utilities
    • Engineering and manufacturing
    • Farming and Farming
    • Financial services
    • FMCG (fast moving consumer goods)
    • Food and drink
    • Health and Pharmaceuticals
    • Industrial and basic materials
    • Lifestyle and well-being
    • Mining and extractive industries
    • Professional services
    • Property, construction and facilities management
    • Public sector
    • Retail
    • Sports and leisures
    • Technology, media and telecommunications
    • Transport and logistics
    • Travel and tourism

Best overall visual identity
This award recognizes the best overall identity developed and used by a brand, including all visual aspects of a rebrand, from logo to typeface. You cannot participate directly, all visual identity entries in different sectors will automatically be put forward for this award.

grand prize
This award recognizes overall excellence in rebranding. You cannot participate directly, all entries will automatically be put forward for this award.


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