This terrible new McDonald’s logo, explained


Over the past few weeks, you may have noticed that various brands have changed their logos to downright terrible designs on social media. All thanks to TikTok, with one user’s comedy designs taking the internet by storm. The latest to jump on the brand’s train is none other than McDonald’s. But is the joke getting old already?

Emily Zugay’s design crimes include crass reimaginations of some of the best logos of all time, and clip art-esque abominations have to be seen to be believed. From Adobe to Amazon, some of today’s best-known brands have fallen victim to Zugay’s, uh, talents. And some, including McDonald’s, have even embraced the new designs by changing their profile pictures. Because brands can have a sense of humor too!

Screenshot of McDonald's Twitter page

McDonald’s Twitter page right now (Image credit: McDonald’s)

The garish designs, with misspelled names (McDoalds, anyone?) And gruesome typography clearly struck a chord, with Zugay’s videos receiving millions of likes. And perhaps spotting a golden PR opportunity, several of the corporate victims took part in the joke, with the Washington Post, Tinder, Nascar, Tampax, the Detroit Lions and even TikTok itself all changing. their profile pictures for Zugay’s redesigns with McDonald’s.

@emilyzugay ♬ original sound – Emily’

Of course, calling these design failures is somewhat irrelevant – Zugay’s delightfully ghastly designs are clearly a joke, and they live up to last year’s terrible logo project when it comes to comedy logos. . Indeed, we love his hilarious videos and hope there are many more to come.

But the companies themselves are starting to look a little desperate. Internet rules state that when a brand joins a meme, the meme is dead – and that particular horse is well and truly whipped. Like Microsoft’s attempt to join the lols over the Xbox Series X name, it all sounds a bit like “How are you, comrades?”

Tinder TikTok logo

New Tinder Profile Picture (Sorry, Tiddner) (Image credit: Avenir)

Zugay’s brilliantly gruesome logos are different worlds from those so-called ‘premium’ logos that went viral on TikTok in August. But one thing is for sure – TikTok is proving to be the perfect destination for designers. It’s great to see creativity being championed on new platforms, even for the fun of it. If you’re still unaware of how it all works, check out our guide on how to edit a video on TikTok.

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