The Society for News Design honors The Post’s with 200 awards for visual storytelling


Announcement from Newsroom Creative Director Greg Manifold, Director of Graphics Chiqui Esteban, Director of Photography MaryAnne Golon, Director of Editorial Video Micah Gelman and Director of Opinion Design Chris Rukan:

We’re thrilled to report that The Washington Post has won over 200 awards in the Society for News Design’s digital and print competitions. Honors include three gold medals and 12 silver medals. The awards touch every corner of the organization and recognize our collaborative ability to elevate visual storytelling across all platforms.

In the digital competition, The Post won a gold award for a portfolio of Brood X cicada stories. The entry included an explanation of the Brood X life cycle, a cicada FAQ, an illustrated story about cicada sex and an audio exploration of the cicada chorus. One of the judges said, “I hate insects. But I love this ! It was a very local story. And they demonstrate such an expanse of visual storytelling. You have these graphics, then you have the humor, then you have this sound. Every aspect of visual storytelling about it defines the state of the art.

In the print contest, the March Madness cover “Monster’s Ball” won a gold medal. “The way the mascots turn into typography brings a smile,” the judges said. “From the title to the wording of the game, it’s clear they’ve gone all-in. It’s like you could just choose [the illos] top.” Brandon Ferrill, who was the lead cover designer for March Madness, won a gold medal for his combination portfolio and a silver medal for his sports portfolio.

In addition to the gold medal for cicada coverage, two projects won silver medals – the Tenement Museum project, which relied on photogrammetry, and the “Creative coping” project for its storytelling and use of illustrations.

Some other highlights from the digital contest

  • The Post had its highest award total in contest history, 95, second only to The New York Times.
  • A total of five employee portfolios – graphics, a pair of storytelling, gender and identity and launcher portfolios – were honored, along with seven individual portfolios. Lizzie Hart’s portfolio won a bronze medal and she was a finalist for the World’s Best Designer award.
  • Four graphic packages received bronze medals – “How Ever Given was freed from the Suez Canal”, “How a restaurant experience can help diners breathe safely”, as well as a group entries on climate change and census coverage.
  • Four other projects won bronze medals – ‘Anatomy of a Repression’, ‘Africa’s Rising Cities’, a Snapchat presentation on ‘Capitol riot tech’ and ‘Cradle to Grave’.

A full list of The Post’s digital winners can be found here.

These awards spanned multiple disciplines including design, infographics, magazine, photography, art direction, illustrations, and print/digital presentation of projects.

Some highlights of the print contest:

  • Two Opinions Essay presentations won silver medals – one on Iranian Ebrahim Raisi and the other on US involvement in Afghanistan in response to 9/11.
  • Two special sections – “Africa’s Rising Cities” and “A Year Like No Other Captured in Verse” from KidsPost – won silver medals, as did individual pages for a tribute to Hank Aaron in baseball cards and the “Luxury or Quiet” cover of Food.
  • The comic book approach to the life story of Olympic sprinter Noah Lyles in “Chasing Gold” won a silver award for its multiple illustrations.
  • The ‘Future of the Summer Games’ package won a silver award in the combination of print and digital presentation category – one of 15 awards The Post has won in this category.
  • Five staff portfolios won awards of excellence, including in the magazine category and an art direction portfolio from Opinions.
  • There were eight individual portfolio winners, including a silver for Hart.

A full list of The Post winners is available here.

Please join us in congratulating the many people involved in these projects.


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