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The Oregon Coast Arts Council presents the 2022 Mayor’s Show from February 12 to March 5 at the Runyan Gallery at the Newport Visual Arts Center.

The Mayor’s Show features nine artists selected from the 89 Lincoln County artists who participated in the 2022 PushPin & ClothesLine Show in January. The nine artists were selected in consultation with OCCA VAC Director Tom Webb and Newport Mayor Dean Sawyer. The Mayor’s Show was started in 2016 by Webb and former Newport Mayor Sandra Roumagoux.

Operating under COVID-19 protocols, Runyan Gallery is currently open Wednesday through Saturday, 12 p.m. to 4 p.m.

The nine participating artists are Veta Vakhtina, Barbara Flewellyn, Sylvia A. Hosie, Rebecca Hooper, Herb Kately, Julie Lamberson, Janet Runger, Wendy Schwartz and Carol Shenk.

Veta Vakhtina grew up in St. Petersburg, Russia during the late communist era, and she credits her exposure to unexplored nature, the rural Russian countryside, and an heirloom tradition for much of her inspiration. and his working style. She works as a muralist, painter and author of whimsical children’s books. His paintings can be seen at Crow’s Nest Gallery in Toledo.

Barbara Flewellyn has spent many years exploring artistic media – woodwork, welding, ceramics, pastels, drawing from nature and weaving. She studied painting with Sandy Roumagoux. Flewellyn moved to the Oregon coast 17 years ago and served as president of the Coastal Arts Guild.

Tapestry weaving is Rebecca Hooper’s favorite medium of artistic expression. Over the years, she has taken many weaving lessons, including rug weaving at Weaving Southwest in Taos, NM, rug weaving with Jason Collingwood from the UK, and color weaving with Tein Chu of San Francisco. For the past year, she has studied extensively with Kathe Todd-Hooker, an award-winning fine art tapestry weaver, in Albany.

Sylvia A. Hosie is a living art photographer in Toledo. The digital revolution has allowed him to give a looser and more stylized look to many of his photographs. Represented in two galleries in Oregon, her work has found refuge in North America, Europe and Australia.

Herb Kately has exhibited work at the West Nebraska Art Center and the Alliance Carnegie Art Center, and he has won entries to the Dawes County Fair. More recently, in 2021, it was selected for the first round at the Toledo Phantom Galleries. It maintains several artist portfolios online.

Julie Lamberson is an illustrator, watercolourist and muralist. She attended Lewis & Clark College and Newport High School. Her work has been exhibited in various galleries and she has published several art books.

Janet Runger is the owner of Crow’s Nest Gallery & Studio in Toledo. She creates imaginative art where forgotten objects have been assembled into whimsical creatures, impossible vehicles and captivating sculptures.

Wendy Schwartz recently moved to Newport. She co-owned Stampadoodle, a craft and paper art store in Bellingham, Washington, for 29 years. Pen and ink work has been his main focus for the past two years.

Carol Shenk is a multimedia artist living on the Oregon coast. She recently returned to studio work after decades spent in local government records and archives, where she helped document the written and visual histories of people, society and nature, past and present. In 2021, she finished illustrating a children’s book to be published in 2022. Shenk holds a BA in Fine Arts from the University of Oregon.

The Newport Visual Arts Center, located at 777 NW Beach Drive, adheres to all health and safety protocols provided by the Governor’s office as well as the City of Newport. All VAC visitors are required to wear appropriate masks.

The Oregon Coast Council for the Arts operates the Newport Visual Arts Center and the Newport Performing Arts Center, and serves as the regional arts council for Oregon’s seven coastal counties.


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