The First Interfaith-Iftar School Ayman Chowdhury St Olave’s Grammar School


Fasting is common in most religions and Ramadan is about fasting, generosity, charity, self-discipline and recharging our spiritual and physical selves.

On Friday April 22, Saint Olaves Grammar School held the first ever school Iftar in all of Bromley. As it happens, the Islamic Society of St. Olave hoped to share the spirit of Ramadan and did extremely well in doing so. Leaders of different faiths (Islamic, Christian, Jewish and Hindu) were invited to share the virtues of fasting in different religions.

More than 120 people were present and the atmosphere was truly spectacular. The program ranged from recitation of the Holy Quran to a comic performance of “Prince Abdi”. A special Islamic art and calligraphy auction was also conducted by Amaan Hamid. After asking him what it was about he said “The primary intention of this auction is really to raise money for charity. During Ramadan we increase the charity we give to express our gratitude and help those in need, so this auction will allow us to be able to do that. Also, these Islamic artworks are really beautiful.”

Of course, food was one of the fundamental aspects of Iftar as it is the time of “breaking the fast” at sunset. The meal shared with the people was also excellent. Food ranged from starters such as samosas, chicken wings and various fruits to main meal like biryani, rice pilaf and chicken. The food did not disappoint.

Overall, the very first school Iftar program was enjoyable and successful. After talking to one of the student organizers, Sulaiman Galaria, he said “I wasn’t sure what to expect, but so many people came and it was an honor to create this event. , I hope this will be the first of a long series. Perhaps other schools will also follow in an effort to encourage diversity in our community”. It was a simple but collective event in order to to celebrate the spirit of Ramadan and also to raise funds for a local charity.


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