The country is becoming a university destination for Kazakh students


A student from Kazakhstan plays handball with his Chinese classmates at Zhejiang Gongshang University in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, in March. ZHENG ZHUYI/FOR CHINA DAILY

More and more Kazakh students are learning the Chinese language and studying in China, thanks to the growing economic and cultural exchanges between the two countries.

Malika Zhang, 22, from Kazakhstan and a third-year undergraduate sociology student at Peking University, said she thinks the reason more Kazakhs are interested in learning Chinese and wish to study in China is that China is Kazakhstan. “s neighbor and good friend, and the friendship develops rapidly.

“We, as the young generation of Kazakhstan, would like to learn the language and culture of our neighbour,” she said.

In addition, there is a lot of cooperation between China and Kazakhstan, which means that the two countries communicate very well with each other economically, culturally and politically, and many job opportunities are available for young people from around the world. Kazakhstan if they speak Chinese, Zhang added.

She started learning Chinese at the age of 12 because she loved Chinese characters and calligraphy. She thought that if she started to learn Chinese, she could one day travel around China.

Although she struggled to learn Chinese, it was “a colorful and exciting journey for me, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

She read many books on sociology and anthropology from a young age. The similarities and differences between Chinese and Kazakh ethnography fascinate her, so she decides to study sociology at Peking University.

“The biggest impression of China is that it is developing very quickly, and Beijing, where I live, is a fast-paced city,” she said. “People here are very nice, hardworking and sociable. Honestly, they helped me a lot.”

Shadi Aldabergenov, 18, a freshman at Tsinghua University’s School of Life Sciences, said his mother, who earned her master’s degree in economics at Tsinghua, inspired him to learn Chinese.

“She was the person who always told me to continue my studies in China, and whenever I asked her why, she answered with a short answer: ‘Because they are our neighbours'”, he said. declared.

China is one of Kazakhstan’s closest neighbors, he said. The potential of China-Kazakh relations is endless, and the two countries should cooperate and understand each other, and create mutually beneficial relations to help each other build a better future, he added.

He started learning Chinese at a Confucius Institute in Kazakhstan when he was 15 years old. Like any other language, learning Chinese takes a lot of patience, he said.

His secrets to learning Chinese include patience, using words as they are learned, talking with other students, and reading articles online on topics related to the newly learned vocabulary, he said. he declares.

He is happy to have chosen this path to pursue higher education. “Chinese culture is unlike any other. It is very unique and rich, with over 5,000 years of history and development. In order to fully understand this, people should personally come and see this wonderful part of the world.”

Zhanna Aigazina, 19, is an undergraduate student of economics and international business at Beijing University of International Business and Economics.

She started learning Chinese when she arrived in China in 2020 as it is widely used in Kazakhstan.

She said she believed the only shortcut to learning the language was to read and write more.

China is a good place with amazing development, and it is necessary for young Kazakhs to learn Chinese to find the job they want, she added.


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