The Batman Clip in Glorious 4K, Iron Man Gets Engaged, and More


“Eternals” has been getting a re-evaluation lately as it’s now available on Disney+ for the masses to stream. Either way, there’s nothing to take away from the fact that Pip the Troll (voiced by Patton Oswalt) looked pretty rough, CGI-wise. He appeared alongside Harry Styles as Eros, aka Starfox, Thanos’ brother. Well, as revealed in a recent interview with The envelope, Stephane Ceretti, VFX Supervisor for the film, and Matt Aitken, WETA Digital VFX Supervisor, shed some light on the matter. Here is the exchange of the interview:

Stephane Ceretti: Let’s be honest. But it was a bit difficult to do it in time, but we did what we could. It went well. His…

Matt Aitken: Another novelty for the MCU… And so, just try to try different things. And I think I could have told you at one point, Steph, we’re approaching our hard work. We need all this time. If we want to change the design again, build the facial rig, and get all the nuances of the facial performance, we’ll need to have that design approval here. And then I think we went way beyond that.

Stephane Ceretti: We were way beyond that. I was like, “Guys, we have to go. We really have to go. But what if we try this. We have to go. Try this. Alright, we’re going to try this.” We’ve all been there, but I mean, in the end, you put, for the first time, a CG character next to Harry Styles. And you think, “Hmm, Harry Styles is going to be tough to beat.” It’s like that. I still think it’s a fun time. I still think that’s a lot of opportunities for fun stories later. I hope he’s a character we’ll see more of, because he’s hilarious. What’s hilarious is that Patton agreed to do it. And I think the best thing is that there are so many good possibilities because of that. And Harry doing that too, it’s really cool.

So yeah, it’s pretty clear that this came into play much later in the game, and it’s not easy to get a full CGI character in quick time. They did what they could. Let’s just hope that when/if we see Pip again, the team will have more time to make him a little more compelling.


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