TEDxNapierBridge to host art exhibition on climate change



For this year’s edition of Sprints – Artists for Climate, Fine Acts is collaborating with TEDxNapierBridge. It is one of only ten TEDx teams in the world and the only one in Asia to have been invited by TED and Fine Acts to implement this. They organized a creative bootcamp on October 30 and 31 where selected artists created works based on the theme of artists for the climate.

“Climate change is the theme, but according to the Fine Acts brief, to increase visibility and engagement, and foster more empathy, we don’t focus on the bad things, but offer a vision of how things could be for a brighter future and help climate groups, activists and NGOs communicate the change they want to see. It was the brief that was given to the artists. In a 48-hour window, six artists – Abishek Kalainjan, Dheeraj Nanduri, Satwik Gade, Sadhna Prasad, Sudarshan Devadoss and Devyani Mahadevan – produced works of art based on the theme. The works of these artists in the form of graphic designs, digital illustrations, lettering art and typography will now be unveiled at the pop-up exhibition organized by TEDxNapierBridge on November 20 and 21 at Art Houz, Nungambakkam ”, said Madhu Ramakrishnan, one of the event’s curators. Jayalakshmi Krishnan, Harini Vijayakumar and Sneha Parakh are the other commissioners.

Madhu adds that through the upcoming exhibition, they wanted to engage the local community to increase visibility and understanding of the issue of climate change. “These works of art will be released under an open creative license to activists, nonprofits and educators around the world for future campaign work. Due to COVID regulations, prior registration is required. “


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