Synthetic: Sync movie premiere at Media Lab – MIT Media Lab


The short film centers on a group of artificial humanoids meandering through a lush landscape, sheltered from the real world around them. One, by chance, frees himself from the constraints of his own existence and discovers the vast and beautiful field of sunflowers that has always been there but never seen. It is the primitive garden, in which our green protagonist embodied by Davey Dreyer comes face to face with the natural world for the first time. The awakened individual’s encounter with nature obliges him to also confront the nature of his reality. After experiencing the world for what it is, he returns to his companions, to find them still trapped in their virtual cave where he tries to enlighten them, but to no avail.

On a small budget and in just one day of filming, the short was made by film newbies, led by the founder of the Synthesis: 1 artist collective, Dante Latessa. It features an original score composed by Don Derek Haddad with editing and special effects by Theresa Silver, internationally renowned multimedia sculptor and video performance artist, staff member of the MIT List Visual Arts Center. As the first Synthesis: 1 film, Synthetic: Sync reflects the pursuit most relevant to the artistic team: the fusion of ancient and traditional storytelling and contemporary technology to create the tribal gatherings of the future and represent synthetic and organic worlds in an abstract way to recall the values ​​of the primitive human nature.

Supporting benefits from Jake Armstrong Grade, Trevor Jack Hott and Brian Joseph Cameron; Technical advice by Jonathan Paul Folsom; Creative advice by Joseph Dimento; Aerial cinematography by Jovan Tanasijevic and Juan Navarro; Photograph by Colin McGee Kane and Jonathan Paul Folsom.

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