Sending clip art to an Android phone


When you copy and paste this clip art into an email, the question is whether that email contains a combined text and graphic image. An optional method is to simply send a text message via email with the clip art file included as an attachment. On the receiving side, with the former, they will see your email message with text and clip art more or less the way you arranged things. With the latter, the email is just the text and they would only see the clip art alone. This is usually a more common practice when transferring separate files (i.e. pdf documents). But it’s also important not to embed this content, like clip art that you copy and paste, and attachments have become a serious security weak point that many email clients now block by default, or have some kind of ‘user an option like ‘…Image detected, do you want to display it?’ So the people you’re emailing may or may not see those cut-and-paste images.

But back to your question, not knowing what email service you use (Gmail? Outlook? Yahoo Mail? ISP hosted email?) and, more importantly, what email app you use (there are dozens and dozens many options to choose from and each app has different functionality with different user interfaces).

If you can’t actually copy and paste or drag and drop clip art, include that clip art file as an attachment.


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