San Diego’s ‘Park Social’ with visual and performing arts projects – NBC 7 San Diego


An unusual sight in La Jolla has people stopping – and thinking.

It’s called “Reflexion,” and it’s one of 18 visual and performing arts projects that have been commissioned for the City of San Diego’s Park Social initiative.

The city launched Park Social in 2020 to help support artists during the pandemic and encourage people to explore San Diego.

“It was meant to get people out, when it was right and safe to go out, in city parks,” said Austin Choi-Fitzpatrick, one of the artists behind “Reflexion.”

Over the past two years, Choi-Fitzpatrick and the rest of the Art Builds team have designed and created the piece. It was installed at Ellen Browning Scripps Park just off La Jolla Cove earlier this week.

“Every time we build something, we try to think about where it’s going to be. So we didn’t have that piece and then, oh, let’s put it wherever we put it. We actually designed this piece with this site in mind.

Choi-Fitzpatrick said “Reflexion” is designed to be interactive.

“We built this piece to make people feel invited to spin it around, to kind of see what they could do with it,” he said. “And then, these mirrors invite us to think differently about how we see this space.”

To learn more about “Reflexion” and the rest of the projects and parks included in Park Social, click here.


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