Ryan Hopkins shares his journey from architectural designer to renowned visual artist


The visual arts are one of the oldest outlets that allow creators to express themselves. Every day people take brushes and create something that will allow them to speak in the form of paintings. Ryan Hopkins is a painter who has spent decades creating original works that challenge the interpretations of his viewers, recently opening his own gallery to showcase his talent.

Born in Baltimore, Maryland, Ryan Hopkins displayed an extreme passion for creativity from an early age when he learned to hold a pencil. Growing up, he practiced his profession, projecting his imagination onto paper. Ryan’s practice proved to be successful as it helped him gain admission to Yale University. He majored in architectural design and fine art, learning about the theories and ideas that would accompany him throughout his career and eventually help him build his philosophy.

Whenever he had the time, Ryan made his way to Manhattan, visiting museums and art galleries as he sought to fuel his mind with new ideas. In classes, he studied with well-known figures in the art world today under the guidance of several renowned professors such as art historian Vincent Scully. As he graduated, Ryan worked as a designer for architects and real estate developers, but there was a nagging feeling that left him unsatisfied. He yearned for the freedom of expression he found as a student, growing weary of drawing straight lines for the benefit of others.

Eventually Ryan Hopkins decided to rent an old garage where he started experimenting with the paint and materials around him. The final product resulted in a mix of figuration, abstract expressionism, and collages, most of which are now found in private and corporate collections around the world. From there, the painter began to create more original works, living in large cities to paint and sell.

As an artist, Ryan challenges viewers to actively participate in his paintings and to let their imaginations find meaning in the visual chaos. He strives to build new relationships that seem like mistakes at first glance. While no art is without decision, Ryan tries to highlight certain accidents to find a synthesis where once only the irreconcilable was obvious.

Over the years, he has developed a loose style that contradicts his work as an architectural designer. Ryan’s paintings made their way across the United States, selling in New York City, Chicago, Miami, Washington, and Philadelphia, to name a few. The artist would later return to the east coast of Maryland, where he began painting coastal paintings. Among his most popular works is his original painting of 3ft x 4ft crabs.

Along with his 29-year-old wife, Susan Hopkins, Ryan opened a gallery in 2017. Open for four years now, the gallery houses Ryan’s works and includes abstract paintings, pop art, ink sketches and paintings. coastal. It has also won “Best Of” awards throughout the region, making it one of the most exciting destinations to visit. Along with the original paintings Ryan Hopkins has created over the years, the gallery hides a record store in the back, showcasing the artist’s collection of over 3,000 vinyl records.

Ryan Hopkins has already established himself as one of the best visual artists in the industry, but he anticipates his works will find new homes to further solidify his name as one of America’s greatest artists.

Learn more about Ryan Hopkins – Hopkins Original Art by visiting his official website. You can also find his works on Facebook and Instagram.

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