Robert Huff had many hobbies, from antiques to calligraphy and lockpicking


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Robert Huff of Morristown had a favorite place to go with his late wife Jean and only daughter Jeanne – Cape May in southern New Jersey.

“He liked going to the beach. It was our once-a-year big family vacation – Cape May, ”recalls Jeanne Huff. “He liked museums, he liked to see the houses in the city, he liked to go to restaurants and go shopping.”

“I always dragged him to antique fairs and antique shops in Cape May and he bought hat pins,” she said. “And we were both obsessed with books.”

Huff graduated from Passaic Valley High School in Little Falls and received his bachelor’s degree from Montclair State University. He has worn many hats in his life, including working at Woolworth’s, restaurant, and real estate, as well as providing technical support to banks and Verizon customer service. He was also a member of the Morristown United Methodist Church and the National Notary Association.

Robert huff

Jeanne Huff remembered a father who loved to laugh – and tell and hear jokes.

“He loved his late night comedy shows. He loved making me laugh with dad jokes, ”Huff said. “He had a wonderful laugh. “

But he was serious about his love of animals, as he was a collector of elephant figurines and a supporter of various animal welfare organizations, including the Lakota Wolf Preserve, located in western New Jersey, near the border with Pennsylvania. “He was watching the videos of the howling wolves,” Huff said.

Robert Huff with his daughter Jeanne

Robert Huff with his daughter Jeanne

“He loved collecting elephant figurines because I think he admired the animal,” Huff said. “And he donated to the National Wildlife Federation, and he got them these stuffed animals and put them on display in the dining room.

And Huff also explored unusual new hobbies.

“I always find interesting things that he picked up in his life. He was learning calligraphy, pyrography – the art of decorating with burn marks – and lockpicking, of all things, ”Huff said. “I think he was bored and wanted to learn something new.”

Huff, a 44-year-old Morristown resident, died on December 10, 2020 at the age of 75.

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