Rediscovering art and life among the dead


Artist Tina Fox spent confinement crocheting her 10-meter installation Distress signal by unraveling and recycling the rope from two of his previous public sculptures. Now framed by the 1940s sandstone American flag, its pixelated message runs along the grass.

Distress signal deplores Australia’s historic bushfires, growing awareness of climate change, persistent gender and indigenous rights inequalities and the current COVID pandemic,” she says.

Jayanto Tan’s sculptural installation And then, Pai Ti Kong (A prayer from the God of Heaven)which pours between tree roots meandering like a rainbow river, includes 5798 ceramic fortune cookies.

Created in part in community workshops in Granville, the work is a tribute to the victims of the May 1998 riots in Indonesia, where around 1,000 people died in targeted attacks against the country’s ethnic Chinese community.

“This installation symbolizes life and hope, although the tragedy remains politically unresolved,” Tan said.

Other works include Leisa Sage’s cyanotype print tribute to her nan Your embrace is my most beautiful memory, Stevie Fieldsend STILL …with burnt wooden utility poles rescued near Lake Conjola after the 2019-2020 bushfires, and the copper and pine bell tower by Szymon Dorabialski, The bell rings for threethat visitors can ring.

The woodwork of Whimbrel Wilson Foyer, inspired by the fireplace erected in the remains of her grandparents’ house in Kiah, near Eden, after the 2019/20 bushfires, is a deliberately ephemeral piece.

“It’s half the size of the original chimney and made of combustible material, so she plans to bring it back close to the site where her grandparents’ house was and film a video of it burning. “, says Dr. Fries.


Open between sunrise and sunset, with free entry, Hidden includes curatorial visits and dance, film and family picnic events.

Among 11 awards with prizes ranging from $200 to $10,000, an award commemorating artist Nerine Martini, known for her community-inspired projects, is included this year.

Hidden races until October 9

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