Pop-rocker Heather Sommer announces ‘One Size Fits All’ EP


Heather Sommer announces One Size Fits All, her new EP due out June 17 via Repost, the artist services division of SoundCloud. The new music combines alt-pop that pulls in fresh, modern production elements while seamlessly fusing them with the sounds of nostalgic early 2000s pop-rock. Today, she also shared her new single, “ The Way A Friend Would”. The track is his most vulnerable yet, reflecting how hard we are on ourselves in different circumstances of our daily lives. Listen to “the way a friend would” here: https://ffm.to/thewayafriendwould.

“I’ve always been very hard on myself when it comes to my appearance and my weight. I’m a perfectionist when it comes to my music. I have high expectations for myself in many aspects of life. “, notes Sommer. “As great as it is to expect a lot from myself, sometimes it crosses the line of realism and causes far more harm than good. ?.’ That’s where the concept of this song was born. I really hope this song inspires everyone who listens to it to be kinder to themselves. To be a little less judgmental. To give themselves a little more slack because we are all doing our best. We are all our own worst critics, but I believe it is within our power to change our inner monologue. We deserve better.

In January, the singer, songwriter, artist, producer and visual artist released “CHAMELEON” which she followed up with “On Demand” in March, both from One Size Fits All. Heather released her late night debut EP in February 2021 and to date has amassed a total of over 60 million streams on Spotify alone.

Heather is heavily involved in the creation of her original music and enjoys embracing her passion for the visual arts by designing, illustrating and animating her own album art, lyric videos, merchandise and promotional graphics. As an independent artist, she has proven to be a remarkable force in today’s new wave of emerging talent. While providing major cuts in the electronic music world, her chameleon voice and unique songwriting style give her the ability to seamlessly jump between genres. His pop-centric singles have landed on Spotify’s major editorial playlists including 25+ New Music Fridays, Hot Acoustics, Chilled Pop Hits, Fresh Pop, Chill Pop, Fresh Finds, Fresh Finds: Pop, Modern Soft Pop , and more.

Sommer often travels between New York and Los Angeles and spends most of her time writing and producing for herself and others. She is equally passionate about creating music with artists for their own projects as she creates for herself and says, “I find it incredibly rewarding to help others tell their own stories through the power of original music. . There’s nothing like stepping out of a writing session and I feel like the artist just went through one of the best therapy sessions of his life.” She’s never been so excited about the idea of ​​creating music with so many talented and wonderful people, and can’t wait to see what lies ahead in his creative journey.

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