Pokemon Fan Creates Incredible Dawn and Piplup Animation


An incredibly creative Pokémon fan presents their short animated clip featuring Dawn and her Piplup on an adventure on the high seas.

Now that Pokemon has been around for so many years, some of its fans have grown into talented artists inspired by the franchise since their childhood. Now these superfans are showing off their amazing Pokemon art to the world in a very creative way, arousing the interest of similar fans around the world.

One of those fans who goes by the name of Dozyo on Reddit recently shared a clip they made from a montage of Dawn and Piplup from the animated series. This is all part of an “Anim Challenge” for this month organized by the Agora online animation hub. In the clip, Dawn and Piplup navigate the high seas in a brilliant 3D environment in search of Pokémon.

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Towards the end, a wild Milotic jumps out of the water and majestically jumps over the boat, and confronts Dawn. Ultimately, Dawn uses a fastball to catch the Milotic and it works with great success, giving them one last moment of celebration.

Many fans responded to the video with positive comments praising the artist for his passion and hard work. Some users have said that this animation could come directly from a cutscene in a game and that Dozyo should be in charge of the art style for Shiny pearl and Brilliant diamond. Other users have even said that the official animation should take notes on the quality of this short clip and focus more on better animation in the episodes.

A fan asked Dozyo how they animated this and they explained their specific process for creating the artistic detail of this. Pokemon clip. First, Dozyo animated the clip in Maya, then cached a still of whatever was then exported into another software called Blender to do the shading. From there, they got the cartoon style using the Lightning Boy Studios shader setup from LBS 2.1. Finally, a friend helped them with the FX in Houdini.

The only thing Dozyo didn’t originally do are the character platforms for Dawn, Piplup, and Milotic. These assets are all posted on the Agora community page, however, Dozyo made the boat that Dawn and Piplup sailed on their own. Fans interested in seeing more of the artist’s work are invited to follow them on Instagram and Twitter @dozyjim. Hopefully this inspires Nintendo to achieve that level of finish in future animations and encourages other fans to have fun. Pokemon artistic projects too.

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