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Homewood Park Improvement Project

Public art has become a way for artists to show off their talents and for Pittsburgh people to feel more connected to the cities around them. Over the years, there has been a growing demand for artists to use the city as an art exhibition outside of museums and galleries. In fact, earlier this year, the Pittsburgh City Planning Authority: Public Art and Civic Design Department announced that it would dedicate it. $ 800,000 to finance a public art project spanning 18 neighborhoods.

The city is adding to this effort by creating more public art. Homewood Park and Willie Stargell Field Improvement Project And now call a local artist to contribute.

According to a press release, the city on August 9 announced artists willing and able to work with the community to “create public art inspired by Homewood’s history, prominent neighbors, organizations and events.” Announced he was looking for suggestions. Up to 3 individual artists or creative groups are selected and Homewood artists are strongly encouraged to apply. Applicants must have completed at least one previous “Significant Impact and Scale” project.

The project is overseen by the Planning and Public Works departments, as well as Studio Zewde, a New York-based design firm specializing in landscaping, urban design and public art, and others. community actors. to augment. The $ 120,000 fund for this project comes from a percentage of the City’s Art Ordinance, which states that at least 1% of the City’s construction or renovation project budget will be allocated to funding. works of art.

“We look forward to seeing the hard work at Homewood Park begin,” Pittsburgh Mayor William Peduto said in a press release. “This Percent for Art project not only showcases artists and their work, but also celebrates the rich history of the Homewood community in an innovative and accessible way.

Applicants must submit through the city’s online procurement system, tag and applications are accepted until September 7th.

Public art meets one aspect of what’s known as the Homewood Park Improvement Project. In this initiative, several groups such as Homewood Community Sports, Heinz Endowment, Operation Better Block, Neighborhood Ally, Bridging Gap Development and Mission Continue explored the potential for improvement of Willie Stargell Field on North Langa Avenue. It began in 2015. The study led to a community engagement process to renew the land and expand Homewood Park on the site of the former Homewood School.

Improvements include site engineering for the development of regulation size football and basketball fields with ADA accessibility, structural engineering for the retaining walls surrounding the site, connectivity with Martin Luther King Jr. Busway and the Westinghouse Playground. Includes a renovated pedestrian bridge leading to the park. According to the city’s website, there are multipurpose fields for various activities for young people.

While distinct, the artistic elements of Homewood Park and Willie Stargell’s improvement projects are similar to the others. Public Art Program, Art in Parks, Emerald View, Flick, Highland, River View, Schenley Park have recruited several local artists to create their work.

Public Art and Civic Design will coordinate the Homewood Park and the Willy Star Gelfield Art Project with the Mobility Infrastructure and Public Works divisions. As the project reaches the “appropriate design”, the recruitment of artists will be expanded throughout the year. Stage of development. ”

PACD will also organize two information meetings for interested artists on August 23 and 24. This session will include an overview of the opportunity, a tutorial for signing up to Beacon, and an overview of the project stages.

For more information, please visit: Engage.pittsburghpa.gov/homewood, There are links to the informational webinar and Beacon web pages.

Pittsburgh Calls on Artists to Create Public Art for Homewood Park Improvement Projects | Visual arts | Pittsburgh

Source Link Pittsburgh Calls on Artists to Create Public Art for Homewood Park Improvement Projects | Visual arts | Pittsburgh


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