Peshawar Medical College hosts the Seerat competition


PESHAWAR: Professor Habib-ur-Rahman from Islamabad, a prominent religious scholar, said on Thursday that Islam stands for a fuller and deeper understanding of the creation of the universe.

“The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) encouraged and appreciated inventions and discoveries and told us that the pursuit of knowledge is an ongoing activity because there is a person of higher knowledge above every scholar. Therefore, all students and teachers should engage in an endless process of lifelong learning, unearth new realities and add to the body of knowledge, discoveries and inventions, ”he said in voicing as the main guest of a gigantic gathering of the “Seeratun Nabi Conference” organized by the Student Literary Society of Peshawar Medical & Dental College.

Professor Dr Habib-ur-Rahman insisted on converting differences into diversity and hoped that young men and women would be the best ambassadors for peace and conciliation in their societies, as well as serving their communities according to the teaching of or of the beloved Prophet. Muhammad (pbuh).

Earlier, the Dean of Health Sciences, Professor Dr Hafeez-ur-Rahman, welcomed the main guest while the project director, the university’s main professor, Dr Zahoor Ahmad Swati, delivered a souvenir to the main guest in remembrance of his visit to the college. Professor Sadia Haroon, faculty member, also spoke on the occasion.

Certificates and prizes were also distributed to the winning students who achieved first places in a range of competitions held in connection with the event, which included, but not limited to, Hussan-i-Qirat competitions, calligraphy and drafting.

At the end, the Staff Chairman of the Literary Society, Professor Dr Muhammad Irfan thanked the main guest as well as the audience for their active contribution to the successful celebration of the event.

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