Paper Stone Scissors partners with Ziinkle to develop female-led dating app


Paper Stone Scissors has teamed up with tech start-up Ziinkle to create a female-led dating app which will launch today in Sydney.

The announcement

Ziinkle engaged Paper Stone Scissors in a tender. Paper Stone Scissors were responsible for creating a custom brand identity, including defining a unique tone of voice in a crowded market and applying brand principles across print and online, as well as app design and online.

Our design approach across all channels was to clearly convey the idea of ​​communication and interaction. This is evident from the two people chatting in the logo, the speech bubbles that form the extended visual language, the clear and punchy copy that reinforces the notion of “in real time” at all times.

“We are energized by the forward-thinking, first-hand experiences Ziinkle’s founders have shown through all aspects of our collaborative process. From TOV, to custom typography design and color theory, the Ziinkle brand identity was created for users seeking more meaningful connections that get them off the couch to lock eyes with that special someone. across the room,” says creative lead Dylan McDonough. , Sydney paper rock scissors.

On average, singles who use dating apps date only 11% of their matches. That’s 89% of matches going nowhere. Studies show that 84% of millennial users say they would rather ditch apps and meet potential partners in real life.

Ziinkle has updated the dating experience and will set a new global standard. Designed for people to associate and meet, in real life, in real time – Ziinkle lets you see where other singles hang out socially so you can make decisions on where to go, based on who you are. you want to rub shoulders with. So let’s start by saying “hi” and see where that leads.

Source: Ziinkle


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