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In an effort to prepare students for a changing world and to secure the college’s future in the higher education market, Hastings College administrators have made major changes to the schedule, technology and travel opportunities of their school.

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HASTINGS – The Open Space for the Visual and Performing Arts immersion experience for high school students at Hastings College is expanding for its summer 2022 program to include creative writing and speaking.

The immersion programs – one for visual arts and one for performing arts – will run concurrently from Sunday June 12 to Saturday June 18 on the Hastings College campus. Both creative writing and speaking are within the realm of performing, although new electives this year will allow students to move on to other disciplines and gain a broader experience.

“Open Space is a wonderful opportunity for talented high school students, and we’re excited to expand even further this year to include creative writing and speaking,” said Dr. Annette Vargas, Vice President of Access , student enrollment and performance at Hastings College. . “Open Space allows high school students to gain many new and creative experiences and to really shine as they gain confidence in their talent and abilities. We just love welcoming them and giving them that opportunity.

Open Space will accept a total of 80 students for 2022, with approximately 30 of those places for a visual arts focus and 50 for a performing arts focus.

The visual arts stream will accommodate secondary school students who are currently juniors and demonstrate a high level of artistic ability. Selected students will spend their week at the world-class Jackson Dinsdale Art Center to gain hands-on experience in a range of art mediums, from glassblowing to sculpture to drawing, and meet Hastings College professors to learn about future career opportunities in art.


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