OCA Presents ‘King’s Mouth’ Art Installation in Conjunction with Ogden Twilight Concert | Arts


In August, Ogden Contemporary Arts presents Flaming Lips frontman and multimedia artist Wayne Coyne and his “Fantastic Immersive Travel Experience,” the “King’s Mouth,” at the OCA Center in Ogden, coinciding with the group’s upcoming appearance at Ogden Twilight. in August. 20.

Coyne’s audiovisual art installation features 14 original works of art that tell the fantastic tale of “King’s Mouth” through a multimedia collage. This iteration of Coyne’s traveling art experience has been adapted specifically for the OCA Center and will also include a new animation component in the digital gallery.

The show opens with “The King’s Stroll” on August 6, a paid event during Ogden’s first Friday Art Walk. Visit ogdencontemporaryarts.com for tickets and additional programming, including “The King’s Party,” which precedes The Flaming Lips’ Ogden Twilight show.

Coyne will be in attendance for both events, where he will create fine art prints for attendees.

Coyne says, “The immersive / childlike qualities of ‘King’s Mouth’ arose from the same spark and matrix as the live performances of The Flaming Lips. The ‘King’s Mouth’ adventure was designed for humans of all sizes, ages, cultures and religions.

The Flaming Lips’ psychedelic rock shows are theatrical performances with elaborate props and incredible energy. Coyne’s creativity on stage is reflected directly in his work, which has the same bizarre connotations and joyful curiosity as his music.

Coyne debuted with “King’s Mouth” in 2015 for a group show at the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore, after which the Baltimore Sun compared it to a cross between “a pouf, the iconic tongue of the Rolling Stones. and an acid trip “.

The installation is a monumental tree-shaped head in glittering chrome, with an open mouth and elongated tongue that invites visitors inside for a comprehensive sensory experience. Strands of LED light rain down from above, pulsing with instrumental music created specifically for the experience. “You feel it as much as you hear it,” Coyne explains in a series of mouth-making videos, which will also be featured on the show. “Once the sound and the movement are connected, it’s really like this thing is telling you a story.”

The mythical story of “King’s Mouth” is exemplified in Coyne’s accompanying artwork, which inspired the lyrics for The Flaming Lips’ 2019 album of the same name. In line with the artist’s imaginative writing, the King’s Story addresses themes of death and rebirth, the inexplicable wonders of the universe and more surreal introspections.

Coyne is adamant, however, that the “King’s Mouth” experience is subjective; when lying inside and experiencing the king’s vision, viewers are encouraged to interpret it in their own way – and most importantly, Coyne says, “to have a good time.”

“King’s Mouth” at the OCA Center will be its 11th iteration, having traveled to cities across the country including Oklahoma City, Santa Fe, Portland and Nashville. Coyne says the decision to bring the facility to Ogden has been in the works for some time, and he’s thrilled that it aligns with The Flaming Lips’ recurring appearance at Ogden Twilight that same month.

“This will be our third year (performing at Ogden Twilight) and now we have this crazy art installation happening at the same time, and to me it’s like, wow, in just a few short years, Ogden has become this big kind of ‘progressive art -y place,’ Coyne said.

“It’s really a phenomenal thing going on,” he said of the city’s creative push, spurred by The Monarch and OCA Center, “and all the places – it’s happening in Ogden.

The “King’s Mouth” exhibit will run until September 19 at the OCA Center during regular business hours. To get tickets for “The King’s Mouth Stroll” or “The King’s Party” special events featuring Wayne Coyne in person, visit ogdencontemporaryarts.org.


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