New Bugatti branding features French-inspired typeface and color palette


A new positioning has been created around the luxury lifestyle as the brand seeks to diversify from its automotive origins.

Interbrand rebranded Bugatti paying homage to its French heritage with the typeface and color scheme.

These changes are part of an effort to reposition the luxury car company as a lifestyle brand. One of the main challenges was to explore ways to evolve Bugatti’s appearance while staying true to its heritage, according to Bugatti’s marketing manager Lorenz Nause.

The new typeface is inspired by the original wordmark and “the typographic spirit of France”, says Jens Grefen, Interbrand’s executive creative director. Applying a condensed and constructed style commonly used in all caps, the sans serif typeface aims to modernize the brand with a “unique typographic character” that comes across as “delicate, expressive and impactful”, adds Grefen.

Alluding to the history of French motorsport, the new Bugatti blue, based on the traditional French racing blue. This appears as a primary hue in the new color palette. Besides blue, Interbrand chose to use “deep black” and gray in an effort to convey “a vibrant yet sophisticated and mature tone,” says Grefen.

The historic Bugatti “macaron” hallmark, which has remained relatively intact since 1909, will still feature on all cars. Grefen explains that the EB symbol will also be used as a logo to “identify the brand beyond the car and add flexibility, responsiveness and adaptability”.

Ultimately, the new branding aims to put the Bugatti driver experience front and center and have it “clearly reflected in the corporate identity”, according to Nause.

He adds that the Bugatti International division has expanded into new areas, such as Bugatti Lifestyle. While many of Bugatti’s future plans remain under wraps, Nause says customers can expect more “extraordinary encounters with the brand” in the near future, similar to an “ultra-exclusive” Espresso bar, which appeared in its Mayfair dealership earlier this month. .

The new branding will be rolled out across Bugatti events, products and projects as they evolve over the coming months.


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