New BA in Theater to be Offered at Southeastern – The Lion’s Roar


In the summer of 2022, the Department of Visual Art + Design will welcome a new Bachelor of Arts in Theater.

The acting curriculum will consist of skills vital to theater as described by Steve Schepker, the theater director.

“They will take courses in theatre, directing, stage management and production management. All the elements that make up a solid theatrical experience,” Schepker said.

According to Schepker, getting a new degree was a long process. Thus, the possibility of bringing it back is important for students and teachers.

Schepker said, “The last time Southeastern got this degree was in 1988. It’s a really big deal because it’s very difficult to get a new degree program, so we’re thrilled. There are students who have wanted it for years and just haven’t had the opportunity to get a full theater degree. Now they can get a theater degree.

Mya Mire, a freshman in English, said she was thrilled to be able to earn a bachelor’s degree in drama.

“Dr. Fox first told me that they were working on getting a theater major here at Southeastern. I was excited. My original plan was to do a minor because they have a minor, but a minor n “Just wasn’t satisfying enough for me. I’m so happy this degree is coming to Southeastern, not only for me personally, but also for others who are looking to further explore their theater careers,” Mire said.

With a growing film industry in New Orleans, Baton Rouge and other areas, Dominic Arcuri, a sophomore in theater design, said he’s excited for the opportunities this degree could provide.

“Everyone is always talking about acting teachers at LSU or movie programs in New Orleans, but lately the entertainment industry is infiltrating places like Covington and Hammond. So it makes sense to improve the program a bit, and who knows what kind of opportunities and growth might come for the university and its students, but Hammond in general,” Arcuri said.

The department plans to recruit new students for the program, according to Schepker.

Schepker said, “We’re going to start recruiting at local high schools and on campus, really reaching out to people starting their college careers. Bringing back a degree is a very big deal for Southeastern and for the students. We have a lot of juniors who are not very happy that we are getting a theater degree because they would have to take an extra year or more. “


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