Muslim female art on display at an exhibition in England


An exhibition devoted to emerging Muslim artists has just opened in England.

Among the pieces on display at the Belvoir Art Gallery in Leicester are Arabic calligraphy, Islamic geometry, embroidery and abstract styles.

The In Praise exhibition, featuring the work of 10 artists, was curated by curator Shazia Osman.

“My aim was to bring awareness and appreciation of contemporary Islamic art to the Leicester art scene, while representing the women who create it,” she said.

“My vision is to break down barriers and normalize the celebration of these artists and their work by allowing them access to different audiences.”

“Is it also to provide a space where the general public can engage with traditional and contemporary Islamic art, enabling them to learn more about this rich form of cultural expression,” she added.

Ms. Osman said some of the chosen artists face obstacles as they pursue their careers in art.

The In Praise exhibition.  The artists present their work.  Photo: Ria Siddiqui

She cares for her autistic son full-time and said she can empathize with others who struggle in this area.

Lectures and workshops were organized for children and adults, including a poetry event and Open Mic featuring local creatives.

Updated: March 24, 2022, 11:11 a.m.


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