Mum gets £20 calligraphy tattoo and it’s so bad ‘baby could do better’


You should always think before you ink.

And a mum learned that the hard way after landing a £20 tattoo deal – only to find out how bad the inking could be.

Courtney McAuliffe was on a holiday trip to the Lincolnshire town of Skegness with her family and they stopped at a tattoo shop in the markets.

In the video she posted online, she said: “When I got a £20 tattoo in Skegness of my son’s name. You get what you pay for.”

The mum revealed her tattoo, which is inked in calligraphy under her arm and displays Rueben’s name.

She further explained that she was unlucky to get a tattoo in wonky handwriting.

Courtney wanted to have her son Rueben’s name tattooed on her arm so she did it during her visit to Skegness

“I like the font I wanted – handwritten – but he didn’t do it very well,” she added.

“It could have been so much neater but what can you expect from Skegness. My partner got the exact same tattoo by the same person and his is so much better than mine.

“I don’t regret it but I will never do it again.

“Honestly, I think my one-year-old could do better.”

Some viewers cracked up when they noticed Courtney got a tattoo in Skegness.

She said her partner had the same tattoo and was much cleaner than hers
She said her partner had the same tattoo and was much cleaner than hers

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One joked: “Are you even British if you don’t have a Skeg as *** tattoo. I have four, two of which have been covered up.”

“I have dodgy tattoos in Skegness…must be Skeggy,” wrote a second.

A viewer, who claims to be from Skegness, replied: “It’s my home town. I’ve had a lot of bad tattoos since I was underage. I’ve learned my lesson.”

Another added: “At Fantasy Island by any chance? I renamed it wasn’t too bad to be honest. I fell victim to that place too.”


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