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The signs for Nelson’s three welcome signs are starting to rot and city council is considering rebuilding them with a new design. Photo: Bill Metcalfe

LETTER: More variety on welcome panel options, please

From reader Barry Rice …

Re: Time to vote on Nelson welcome sign designs

The last four designs appear on Nelson’s website to be voted on and it seems there was a very obvious bias on the part of the selection committee. The four options for the last four bear a strong resemblance to the existing sign. All four submissions use the same wording and a similar typeface. Less bias and a bit of variety would have been refreshing.

Option A candidate states that they are a designer, but exhibits a complete lack of design or typography skills by using three font sizes and the huge space between “WELCOME” and “YOU” reduced readability. All three panels are misplaced and historical references in the design are obscure.

Option B is the best of the bunch with a simple layout and well-spaced letters and words. This one too will probably last the longest with the treated wood and aluminum letters.

Option C’s biography also indicates that he is a graphic designer and shows some skill with shapes and typography. However, I would dispute his suggestions for materials and method of execution. His revised wording on the back of the panel is a big improvement.

The architectural technologist who produced the monumental D option should leave the graphic design to those who are so trained. The word “NELSON” swarms the panel it sits on to reduce readability, the light looks like a giant shower head, and its position would do a poor job of illuminating both sides of the panel. The construction method would make this option the most expensive to produce.

My farewell suggestion would be, to show visitors that the city cares about itself and its welcome, to include landscaping around the three panels.

Barry Rice

the north coast


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