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A second rotation of 15 pieces of art from China’s distant past and classified as national treasures runs now until September 4 at the Palace Museum of Hong Kong.

This follows an initial selection from 914 priceless objects on loan from the Palace Museum in Beijing presented last month for the opening of the Hong Kong operation in the three-part exhibition The Making of Masterpieces: Chinese Painting and Calligraphy. .

Among the works currently on display are the Luo River Nymph, a Song Dynasty copy attributed to Gu Kaizhi (346-407), and the Orchid Pavilion Preface copy in plain script attributed to Yu Shinan (558-638). . With three rotations – the third begins September 7 and ends October 7 – the exhibition explores how the art of the Jin, Tang, Song and Yuan dynasties was shaped and presented through various artistic, cultural and historical lenses.

The loan program ranges from painting and calligraphy to bronze, ceramics, jade, metalwork, enamel, lacquer, seal, costumes and textiles, jewelry, rare books and architecture.

This is the most comprehensive selection ever offered for a cultural institution outside the continent since the Palace Museum was established in 1925.


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