Minnesota Center for Book Arts Opens New Exhibit


On Friday, the exhibit “In Between Presence and Absence: The Illusionary Reality” opens at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts, a nonprofit visual arts center dedicated to preserving the art of the book. The exhibition features the work of New York artist Sun Young Kang.

It focuses on the coexistence of opposing ideas — presence and absence, death and life, physical and non-physical — and how they imply each other, according to the Minnesota Center for Book Arts website.

Kang says he “was generally inspired by my own experience of residing in liminal space as an immigrant trying to bridge two different cultures.”

The installation consists of objects Kang encounters daily, such as jars, glasses, bottles and cans, encased in paper molds from discarded paper using a technique called paper casting. These objects rest on the floor of the gallery accompanied by a reflective backdrop that reflects the objects and the audience, creating “another dimension to the space”.

“[The viewer] allows the gallery space to become the space in between,” says Kang.

“In Between Presence and Absence: The Illusionary Reality” will be exhibited at the Outlook Gallery, a window gallery space at the front of the Open Book Building on Washington Avenue. Passers-by can see it from the street as well as inside the Center shop. It is free to the public and on display until October 2, 2022.


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