Mickey Gall offers bonkers Bruce Lee to take


Mickey Gall managed to turn most of the internet against him when he gave a bonkers view of Bruce Lee. The UFC welterweight brought up an interesting point and got a lot of mixed reactions on social media.

Mickey Gall was on a recent podcast and the clip surfaced on social media. The UFC fighter basically explained that he could beat Bruce Lee in his prime. The internet was not pleased with his comments.

“First off, I’d fuck Bruce Lee,” Gall said on the MGGM Podcast. “I would fuck Bruce Lee. At its peak. Come on man. Man, yeah, all right – 100%. I fight in the UFC now. Where did Bruce Lee fight? In movies (makes noise with mouth). Go on.”

There were plenty of weird takes, as many were quick to remind Mickey Gall that they would also beat up a dead person. The UFC fighter obviously wasn’t talking about fighting a corpse, but the point still stood.

MMA became a sport through debates over which martial art was best for combat. The UFC put many different martial artists against each other early on, with Brazilian jiu-jitsu being famous when no one had an answer for the ground game.

Bruce Lee is a legend and the comments were not appreciated by the masses as they were considered disrespectful by many. Mickey Gall has a promising career in the UFC and he became well known for taking on former WWE star CM Punk in their respective UFC debuts.

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