Macallan concept n ° 3 brings together the worlds of whiskey and the visual arts


As part of a spectacular collaboration with renowned graphic designer David Carson, The Macallan has unveiled the latest addition to its Concept series, Concept No. 3. This long-awaited collection includes a selection of annual whiskeys that merge art and culture. expertise behind the brand’s whiskey. to do with creativity and culture. The project symbolizes the fusion of culinary and visual art, opening the doors to a whole new dimension of whiskey tasting.

American graphic designer David Carson is highly regarded for his innovative use of typography in graphic design. Since establishing his own studio, Carson has been the mastermind behind the campaigns of some of the world’s biggest consumer brands, including Nike, Levi, Pepsi and Ray-Ban, and was among only two graphic designers selected by Apple for the program. from its iconic ’30 most innovative user list. Naturally, for the third and final expression of the series, The Macallan turned to him.

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Seeking inspiration and a new perspective for his design, David ventured to the beautiful 485 acre estate of The Macallan in Speyside, Scotland, where he spent time with whiskey maker The Macallan. , Polly Logan. There the two found each other muses.

Both artists in their respective fields, David and Polly have discovered parallels in approaches to their individual crafts – both are driven by constant evolution and change, creating depth by ascribing meaning to every element found in their creations. .

As a nod to their common methodology, David incorporated the letter P for Polly into his handmade collage. The kaleidoscope of brazen hues of the art is also evident when David dips his brush into the Macallan Estate in Speyside in Scotland, the blue representing the magical River Spey and the red reflecting the exceptional sherry oak barrels of the Macallan.

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