LIV Stars in the hot seat at the Stand Off press conference


Bryson DeChambeau reportedly took $100 million to join LIV is another big headline, with the 2020 US Open champion jumping onto the court for the second event in Oregon scheduled for late June 2022.

Personally, I think it’s a win for the PGA Tour, his obnoxious personality won’t fail, and his occasional long drives are good to watch, but they don’t make up for his slow play and protractor output. for hitting a 125-yard corner.

Graeme McDowell took most of the hits at the press conference, being asked point-blank how to approach his moral compass regarding the Saudi regime and its murderous past.

I haven’t thought of GMac in a while, generally a likeable character, but it’s hard to like him when he still claims to be developing the game from the top down rather than the bottom up.

And it’s a feature I couldn’t help but scream on screen as I watched Westwood and Poulter casually talk about the game’s growth. The LIV series won’t make the game grow. If they wanted to expand the game, taking millions of dollars to participate in a series of fantastic events with clip art logos wouldn’t cross their minds.

Justin Thomas put it very well in an interview, saying he doesn’t see any of his colleagues in a different light, only that he’s disappointed in players like DJs.

JT said it depends on the individual player where he plays, but it would be good to see headlines promoting the PGA Tour and positive stories coming out of the US Open qualifiers this week.

In this vein, Fran Quinn, 57 qualified for the US Open, 30 years after playing his first match at Pebble Beach, the year of Tom Kite’s victory. He beat his son and a group of others to a spot at Brookline Country Club, just an hour from where Quinn grew up. The feat reminds us that golf knows no boundaries when it comes to age.

Quinn played the second hole of the playoffs in fine fashion, laying down with his second and sticking a two-foot wedge for a birdie rather than go for the green in two.

His playing partner Brandon Matthews qualified alongside, a man with a different golf strategy as he can generate ball speeds in excess of 200mph, and should have pulled his driver out of his bag as he was going too far. A common problem for us 9 handicappers.

Fran Quinn showed that age is just a number in golf, and an underdog story that would appeal to golf fans because it’s relatable. Seeing Martin Kaymer playing average golf for millions of dollars in a field where only half the names are recognizable isn’t the same buzz. And the lines of “we’re not politicians” will ring loud and clear for a few more days, but I think investigators should be asking different questions.

Rather than trying to get a soundbite by commenting on the Saudi regime, ask yourself how these players are moving the game up by being paid more for playing at a lower level.

Ask them if they’re willing to give up the Ryder Cup.

Ask if Westwood or Garcia have clearly communicated their dissatisfaction to the PGA Tour committee, if any of these complaints have been voiced.

Ask them if their love of golf still burns bright, if they really feel they are still role models for young golfers, as Graeme McDowell claims.

We can now wait for a few more troublesome questions over the rest of the week, while making side bets on the next pros to line up behind leaders LIV, marching to “grow the game” this weekend.

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