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New Delhi, April 10 (SocialNews.XYZ) Thukral and Tagra, an artist duo, are set to launch a new interactive project titled “and Archive” on April 28 at the India Art Fair in New Delhi. The project draws on their experience in game design and their knowledge of typography and printing to create a series of game and book editions. Book and game editions are a means of disseminating knowledge, driven by extensive research, that delves deeper into the field of game design, sustainability and self-introspective themes for all generations to engage in practical understanding of knowledge and creativity.

Thukral and Tagra’s game editions reflect feelings of despair, daily trials and tribulations, and national issues such as climate change. Among the key works is “Weeping Farm, 2022”, which follows a group of women from India’s agrarian community who are burdened with overdue debt, odd jobs and trying to survive in a highly competitive world. The game follows a farmer’s year-long journey as she struggles to survive against the odds.

Using only handcrafted and eco-friendly materials, these games have been carefully crafted to ensure sustainability and promote eco-friendly products. Following a similar approach, “2030 Net Zero, 2022” is a game that attempts to explore the tons of greenhouse gases that are added to our atmosphere every year, with the goal of reducing it to net zero.

Thukral and Tagra’s book, meanwhile, reflects on various dimensions such as nature, ecosystem, agrarian crisis, debts, suicide, rejection, declining employment, and much more. The iconic “Weeping Farm, 2022” – a book developed from explorations and observations made from India’s agrarian crisis, which highlights the daily battles of food insecurity, privatization, poverty and poverty. debt, etc. – is one of the key books.

The book contains nine iterations as well as interactive engagements in which the reader can see three aspects of artists’ practice come together, including a longstanding interest in the socioeconomics of society, a growing concern for research and the construction of a lexicon in current systems. , and a willingness to recognize urgency through the metaphorical vocabulary of sport and play as a pedagogical tool.

“Artistic processes are unique, they are honest time stamps and records for future and retrospective reference. Archives are humble records and record transactions of a particular time and emotions. An artist’s book should be considered as a key part of culture. We have always believed that an artist has the potential to experiment and manifest ideas that challenge the status quo and call for change. The fact that art can comfort and disrupt at the same time. We apply our skills and bring the dissemination of knowledge in various ways such as the formats of the game that act as an extension of the book, they are at the intersection of design and performance,” said Thukral and Tagra.

‘Somnium Semnibus’, in addition to the collection of books, revolves around the idea of ​​a journey both inward and outward; the exercise is a humble approach to illustrating the wide variety of species found in Rani Bagh, Bombay, which forces us to think about the ecosystem around us.

Thukral and Tagra have been widely praised for their use of the visual arts as a means of expressing their opinions on a variety of national and societal issues. Their new project aims to convey the same message of spreading valuable ideas and perspectives while reaching out to multi-generational audiences through an unconventional yet creative and educational approach.

You can view the games and books at IAF Studio, India Art Fair, from April 28 to May 1, 2022.

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Launch of the new Thukral and Tagra project in

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