Kanye West apparently responds to criticism over ‘Eazy’ video


Kanye West has posted a mysterious message on Instagram that appears to be responding to the recent furore over his controversial ‘Eazy’ music video.

Last week, The Game and Ye released their wild music video for “Eazy” and it immediately shook up the music world. On the day Kim Kardashian officially became single, her ex-husband took her beef with new boyfriend Pete Davidson to a new level by releasing an animated clip of him abducting someone who looks like the comedian.

In the video, Ye puts a bag over her head, ties “Skete” to a bicycle, and drags the body to a grave before planting rose seeds in it. He says “God saved me from this accident / Just so I could beat Pete Davidson’s ass” as he can be seen walking around with a decapitated head. The video’s closing message reads, “Everyone has lived happily ever after,” except Skiing you know who,” before adding, “JK he’s fine.”

the 2 marketing cycle was never going to be quiet. People immediately came out in favor of Davidson, including The Suicide Squad director James Gunn (Davidson had a small role in this film). “For the record, Pete Davidson is one of the nicest, nicest guys I know,” he tweeted. “A truly generous, tender and funny spirit, he treats everyone around him with respect.”

In a new Instagram post, Ye apparently addressed the backlash he received for the “Eazy” music video. “Art is therapy and so is this view,” he captioned an image of what appears to be a burning church. “Art is protected as freedom of expression. Art inspires and simplifies the world. Art is not a substitute for evil or evil. Any other suggestions regarding my art are false and ill-intentioned.

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