Kanika Goyal’s Label KGL Makes NYFW Debut With 2022 A/W Collection, Sci Trance


The designer’s Indian sensibility shines through, fused with an unexplored baroque style and street aesthetic associated with the brand. “From pop art, we moved towards softer elements. We wanted to challenge ourselves with something that is unnatural to the brand. This is how the Baroque influence was born. Baroque is very complex and we wanted to add that pop art element to it to align with the brand. You can see its presence in laser-cut collars and laser-cut patterns in faux leather for a look that’s not romantic. “It’s bolder and more provocative to look at, which fits the language of the brand,” she adds.

Mughal-era inspired crystals are also seen shimmering through the fringe detailing adorning the cuffs and mesh pants for an icy drop. Recycled plastic and recycled denim take center stage for a sustainable nod, while puffer jackets with unique quilting patterns, laser-cut leather patches and metallic fabrics steal the show – all of which get their identity of Scientific Trance. Texture details and surface ornamentation like beads, sequins, pearls and faux fur add an element of interest. Take, for example, the winning multicolored transparent sequins on the lurex suit and the striking metallic jacket with faux fur trim. The interplay of texture, color, fabrics and embellishment is enticing. “For the surfaces, we tried to combine two different schools of thought – there’s an outfit with pearl necklaces with drawstrings. The drawstrings are very street, while the pearls line up with the seam. The crystal work is also something we have explored Crystals are used to move towards a path of enlightenment or astral travel, and it is very intriguing and mysterious.

The gender-neutral collection takes a more-is-more approach, which is also evident in its deconstructed tailoring. Think shirts with puff pockets, oversized suits, maxi pantsuits with puff sleeves and a crystal bustier worn under a formal jacket. “We like to experiment with garment construction and a lot of maximum construction to figure out how we can create hybrid outerwear and hybrid bottoms that’s never been seen before. We’ve combined all of these different elements and come up with Scientific Trance.”

Speaking about her NYFW debut, she says, “The experience has been amazing. This is just the beginning and we will be back next season. We want to push our global sales and visibility, and we have also signed with a sales agency in Paris in this effort. It is definitely about taking the brand globally and being present in all relevant markets.


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