Juri Hilariously Fails To Punish Dhalsim’s Aerial Crit Art Twice In Street Fighter 5 Clip, Here’s An Explanation Of What Went Wrong


A hilarious clip from Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition was recently posted on Twitter by mopuulapo. During this clip, mopuulapo is seen performing as Dhalsim while his opponent, Fuhajin-Steam, uses Juri.

Things were looking pretty bad for mopuulapo at this stage of the game as he only had a slice of life left. Just getting scuffed by an attack of any kind would be enough to award Fuhajin-Steam the round and the match. Crouched in a corner, mopuulapo attempted a desperate game which paid off very unexpectedly.

During the flight, Dhalsim was ordered to perform his aerial critical art. Seeing an easy opportunity, Juri moved on for the final punishment.

Juri performed an EX Tensenrin, which is basically Juri’s version of the Dragon Punch. Even though Juri can see spinning like a pinwheel in the air, the attack completely sniffed at Dhalsim as he found himself behind Juri.

Now in the corner, Juri once again took on Tensenrin, but Dhalsim once again found himself behind Juri in the attack animation. Unfortunately for player Juri, Juri’s life was exhausted after being caught up in Dhalsim’s critical art.

What happened here? Why did Juri’s attack miss twice during this interaction?

One might at first be led to believe that Dhalsim’s aerial critical art just has a ton of invincibility based on how this clip played out. Truth be told, Dhalsim’s aerial critical art only has about 9 frames of invincibility. Both of Juri’s punishment attempts actually came long after that invincibility period had expired.

The real reason Juri’s attacks failed so badly is because his Tensenrin only has hitboxes in the front of the pinwheel animation. While it looks like Juri should be able to hit opponents on both sides of her while performing this attack, that’s just not how the special move is programmed, for some reason.

The image was taken from alb3530’s video.

In the end, Juri was just too close to Dhalsim on the Tensenrin special both times. This is probably a frustrating occurrence for Juri users, but it’s part of the reason why Juri has such a hard time stopping her opponents from spreading against her.

The solution for next time is quite simple. Back off a bit before performing the anti-aircraft special or just wait for Dhalsim to start descending to punish with a normal attack.

Check out the hilarious clip below:


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