Jack Harlow calls hilarious viral Met Gala clip with Emma Chamberlain ‘a work of art’


Making her first appearance on a late night talk show, Go home, you miss the kids rapper Jack Harlow seemed to have no nerves as he sat down to cut it with host Jimmy Fallon on The show tonight about her rocket ride to fame, a weird moment on the red carpet at the Met Gala and literally climbing inside Lil Nas Xtopped at this year’s Grammys.

Fallon helped Harlow fit in by opening the chat with a photo from the rapper’s very first tour in Birmingham, Alabama several years ago when a dozen people showed up. He asked the Louisville slugger how it felt to go from there to the top of the charts. “It’s validation,” Harlow said. “I’m grateful to you. It’s fragile for me and I know I’ve worked for it. I don’t take it for granted at all because of it… I’ve been begging people to rock with me. I really invested myself. So I can still stand on that. Nobody can say that it was offered to me.

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What Jimmy really wanted to achieve, however, was viral video everyone was talking after this year’s Met Gala. You know how sometimes you say to someone, “I love you, I mean it?” But maybe yes, maybe not? Well, the notoriously flirtatious Harlow had that kind of moment on the Gala red carpet when things got really real with YouTuber Emma Chamberlain.

“They’ve seen it,” Harlow said, smiling when Fallon referred to the interaction in which Chamberlain ends his interview by saying “see you soon,” to which Harlow replies, “I can’t wait… I’ll see you. love… goodbye.” If you’re one of the 4 people who didn’t watch, the look on Chamberlain’s face after that unexpected love bombshell is priceless.

“Is this the Harlow effect?” Fallon wonders. “It’s like a work of art because there are so many ways to interpret it,” explained the always cool Like a Cucumber in a Bowl of Hot Sauce MC. “Everyone has a different take on what’s going through their minds, so I’m going to leave it up to interpretation.

Jack also laughed as he performed “Industry Baby” with Lil Nas X at this year’s Grammy Awards, a song, for the record, that he assured his team was definitely going to be No. 1 as he penned his verse. “You have to bring your A-game to stand out,” Harlow said of taking the stage alongside the “mighty” Lil Nas. “He had this huge Lil Nas X head on stage like his face and I was hiding inside waiting for my time to come out,” Harlow laughed. “The whole time I’m in his head, I’m just thinking, ‘Yo, I gotta kill this.'”

Harlow also served up a fog-shrouded performance of his super chill Come to the house anthem “First Class,” discussed his upcoming big-screen debut in the remake of white men can’t jump and played a game of Virtual Pictionary with Jimmy, Tariq Trotter and The Marvelous Mrs. MaiselIt’s Rachel Brosnahan. Watch the videos below.

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