Influencing pollensa


The 365-day-a-year destination that is Pollensa has been the subject of interest from influencers in the fields of culture and gastronomy.

02-10-2021Ajuntament de Pollença

The town hall of Pollensa was pleased to announce that nine “national influencers” had arrived in the town for the “live trip” last weekend. Otherwise known as blog travel, the goal was – as is always the case with such arrangements with influencers – enhance the tourist offer.

And as the promotion of tourism is no longer limited to the sun and the beach (or even mentions it), the Destination 365 days a year that is, Pollensa has been the subject of an influential interest in the fields of culture and gastronomy.

All good stuff without a doubt, but what struck me about the ad for it was the poster with its funky typography and two people – a man and a woman – who must have been in their mid-twenties. The man seemed to have been towards the beach, although there was a photo of the Formentor lighthouse behind it.

Putting aside any possibility that he may have inadvertently promoted additional saturation of Formentor, was this image indicative of the age group who should be influenced? Nothing wrong with that, but shouldn’t influence target all age groups?


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