Incredibles-inspired family concept art revealed


Now that WandaVision has been in the rearview mirror for a long time, we’ve reached the part of the release cycle where Marvel Studios visual development artists are allowed to post their various concept art works. Over the weekend, we could see Agatha Harkness (Kathryn Hahn) in a dress much more modern than the version that appeared in the series. On Monday morning, legendary Andy Park posted another concept art piece showing the entire Vision team ready. The best part of it all? The artist says the moment was heavily inspired by Pixar’s Incredibles.

Park shared a 17-second clip on his social profiles Monday where the whole family uses their powers against a paint threat. The piece in question even features the new Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) costume, something she didn’t get until she largely defeated Harkness in battle. Even Billy and Tommy are included in the play, with Billy using magical powers similar to his mother’s and Tommy running with a light type streak behind him.

Interestingly enough, the piece shows Billy using red magic instead of the blue magic that made the final cut. See the clip for yourself below.

Yes, I was absolutely channeling The Incredibles when I painted that WandaVision keyframe during preproduction in 2019, “Park tweeted.” I guess the Avengers 1 team moment was an inspiration as well. “

The version of Vision (Paul Bettany) seen in the painting – as children – no longer exists in the Marvel Cinematic Universe once Wanda was forced to demolish The Hex around Westview. While they’re not technically alive at the moment, most believe the post-credits scene of WandaVision was the witch who roamed the multiverse looking for signs of her sons.

WandaVision is now broadcast in full on Disney +.

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