How to help Ukrainians through Etsy


Photo: Amanda Tarlton

Amid the Russian invasion, hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian citizens are suffering, being driven from their homes and, in many cases, fighting for their lives. The European Union estimates that almost 4 million people may attempt to flee the country in the coming days. In light of such a tragedy, many Americans are looking for ways to support Ukrainians in the United States. Fortunately, many organizations are accepting donations for doctors, families, journalists and more to help Ukraine.

Even some brands and retailers are stepping up to support the Ukrainian people. Take Etsy, for example. Known for its handmade crafts, the popular online marketplace offers shoppers a way to donate directly to Ukrainian citizens by purchasing all-digital assets. Here’s how you can help the country and improve your home decor with just a few clicks.

Etsy waives all seller fees for Ukrainian citizens.

First, to help Ukrainians financially, Etsy has announced that it will waive all sales for Ukraine-based sellers. “Being part of a community means that when one part is hurting, the rest of us must step up and offer our support,” Etsy CEO Josh Silverman wrote in a recent post. blog post. According to Etsy, it is waiving a total of about $4 million in fees, which includes listing, advertising, and transaction fees.

How to Support Ukraine on Etsy

If you want to contribute directly to Ukrainian citizens,

  1. Search “digital files” on
  2. Click the “All Filters” button and scroll down to “Country”.
  3. Under ‘Custom’, enter Ukraine.

Results will include all digital files created and sold by Ukraine-based Etsy sellers. Once you have purchased an item, the file will be immediately available for download. The transaction allows Ukrainian sellers to earn money without having to produce anything new during this difficult time.

Digital downloads include wall hangings and crochet patterns.

Once you’ve filtered your results to only include Ukraine-based Etsy sellers, you’ll find a variety of digital downloads available. If you’re looking for home decor, you can shop for printable wall art, from watercolor landscapes to abstract designs. If knitting, crocheting, or cross-stitching is faster, many Ukraine-based sellers offer digital patterns to download and print. You can even hang coloring book pages, journal pages, clip art, and Cricut files.

Other Etsy shops donate to Ukraine.

Digital downloads aren’t the only way to help Ukrainians financially—Etsy has also created a Ukrainian landing page dedicated solely to the cause. The storefront features a range of Ukrainian stickers, sweatshirts, t-shirts and more that allow you to show your support for the Ukrainian people.

There are a handful of Etsy sellers who also donate a portion of the proceeds from Ukrainian-inspired products to nonprofits that help Ukrainian refugees, like the UNHCR. Some Ukrainian citizens have even created donation pages, use Etsy as a vehicle to receive financial assistance.


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